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Originally Posted by Marin View Post

Never been a problem. While we've never started the engines in gear, I don't see that it would be detrimental other than perhaps being a bit harder on the starter.
It's not a problem for the engines to start in gear. But it can be a problem for those around/near them or the boat when it happens. Hence the reason for the switch.

And sometimes the clicking you hear is a built in battery paralling switch and not the start solenoid if the engines are in gear with a neutral lock out switch installed.
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Seems we are down the rabbit hole here. I assume that you are trying to start the way you always did so getting all excited about knob colors isn't going to help.

Go back to checking the connections, battery and solenoid as above before getting too excited about replacing stuff. That meter reading tells you nothing about the voltage under load to the starter.
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Yup! Corroded batteries! Cleaned them up, turned her on she started right up and purred into the lake. A friend was nice enough to teach me how to drive the damn the damn thing, just in time for winter.....
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It sounds like your solenoid is good but there may be a "flat spot" in the armature of your starter motor. My Lehman does the same thing, but by continuing to press the start button it eventually will crank over.
Sometimes a tap on the starter motor casing with a hammer will move it enough to pass the flat spot on the armature. Recommend having the starter rebuilt if it will eventually crank.
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As I have said before, I totally agree with getting your starter motor reconditioned. Worn brushes and armature are what bring things like dirty contacts to light, mainly because of the huge increase in current needed to turn them over. If you don't do it, you'll find yourself like I did, tapping and knocking on the starter motor, frantically trying to get it to go in trying circumstances, usually when a quick getaway is crucial. In our case my one and only time getting caught in a Southerly buster, on a lee shore, in the dark, and with my (original) CQR anchor dragging. (I now have a Sarca, but that's another whole story.) Don't do this to yourself or your family.
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I once ran a guys boat (36 pacemaker) with star shift ca. on wrong end of shifter bell crank,try bring that thing into a slip! You CAN do it, but WHY?? fix the knobs a.s.a.p. before someone throws your eng. in reverse at 2500 RPM Rich
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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post

As I have said before, I totally agree with getting your starter motor reconditioned.
Agree 100%! It was probably the best ~$100 spent on my boat.
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