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A quick read..... so I could be wrong..... but isn't the 200 hr cleaning for the injection pump vent filter if no overflow?

In the manual linked....
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I replaced the fuel pump on the Lehman 19 years ago and have put 2,200 hours on it.

With a Racor 2 micron filter upstream of it, never needs cleaning of the pumps intake screen.

I plan on replacing the pump this winter.

I do have an electric pump upstream of the engine mounted pump for priming and back up. As long as the diagphram in the pump is not the failure, the electric pump will fuel the engine. Most of the pump failures are check valves coming loose or getting stuck.
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In 29 years running a pair of Lehman 120s, I changed the lift pumps (very cheap, by the way, so skip the replacing valves and diaphragm ideas) once somewhere in the middle of that time. Kept a spare aboard. NOT a fanboy of replacing something that needs no electricity or failure prone connections to keep those babies running! That said, I did have a Facet electric pump (more expensive than my lift pumps) plumbed into the system in such a way that I could pressurize either or both engines and all associated filters.
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Originally Posted by Tangler View Post
You can se this WRONG fitting does not seat as the hex part foe the wrench hits the pump casing and canít be tightened
I just discovered the same issue on my installation. New remanufactured Lehman with 10 hours on it, have been chasing an air leak in the fuel system. Engine runs great for a couple of hours then with no warning just stops dead. Fires right back up and we carry on, until the next time it happens.

My mechanic used the wrong type of fitting. Only caught it because an old timer on the dock clued me into this as a potential issue.
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Block off the hole in the block, toss the two filters from hell, install an electric pump with modern, good quality fuel hose with nice quick disconnects. An hydraulic shop can make the hoses, the filters can be replaced with a single remote-mounted easy-change filter (I used a Racor 500 with 2 microns but there are others) and you can mount the pump anywhere, might be best to remote mount it because of the vibration of the old clam crusher. No way for an owner to measure the vibes and most pumps don’t publish vibration-toleration specs.

Racors are designed to have the fuel sucked through them but they can tolerate a small amount of pressure so you could mount the pump upstream to prime the filter. If pressure upsets you use a pressure-rated filter. No reason to be a hostage to old engineering. Don’t forget to change the Simms pump oil as per the manual!
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Originally Posted by Moonfish View Post
OK, I have a question regarding Lehman lift fuel pumps. About 15% of the time I go to start the starboard engine I have to do a quick bleed. I open the fourth (final) bleed nut and pump a few times to get the air out. Usually only takes 4-5 pumps to get solid fuel.
Hi, I installed a fuel polisher in the Celestial. I bought the first batch of ball valves at Home Depot. I found that they all had air leaks under vacuum. In a previous lifetime, I worked with folks who used only Conbraco's Apollo valves, so I did an online search of their website, but found no data re vacuum. I called the company and asked - they (she) assured me that the Apollo valves worked well under the vacuum that my fuel pump could generate. I installed all Apollo valves and had no further problems with valves. I then found that the large Racor filter's O-ring on the top screw could leak air, unless new O-rings were used.
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