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Being the Boy Scout that I am, when I saw this case I thought "How cool- gotta have one". Then I realized I already had most of that stuff on the boat... somewhere. In an emergency I don't want to be thrashing through my tools looking for something so I decided to duplicate what I might need and keep it in one place. I got a 5gal plastic pickle bucket with a top from a local deli for free and was able to to put most of the stuff in it. I store it in a locker with other larger emergency items like hack saw, bolt cutters, pieces of wood, ect.
Patrick Quinn
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I'm an instructor at the CCA's Safety at Sea Hands on Training classes and we have one of those kits on the table to show what kinds of things you might want to have.

There's no way in the world I would buy such a kit -- I've always made my own tailored to fit the needs of my boat.


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For that price, when I open it, a marine mechanic better pop out ready to fix whatever the issue is ,,,
I didn't say it was your fault, I just said I was blaming you.
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It's the knowledge of damage control that is worth 100X the pieces and parts and tools for most small boats.

Kits are only as good as the user. Tailored to your boat so much the better.
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To flog my own latest Off-use of a product, you might be amused by the latest article I posted. Temporary Thru-Hull Fix (part 2) article on janice142

Basically, a boat a couple canals over from me developed an issue with a thru-hull. I stopped the leak in an unconventional manner using a $1 silicone wine bottle stopper plus a hose clamp. It was an "interesting" afternoon.
Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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Ms. j. Yep. I wasted $20 on some rolls of so-called "Rescue Tape" Total garbage IMO. I couldn't get it to stick to itself either no matter how much I pulled and stretched it.
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Janice reminded me with that wine bottle cap.
Heat exchanger 4 inch had a rubber end cap with a flat metal plate in it. That separated from the part that is hose clamped on. Otherwise it was usable.
So I used a garbage bag over the end held in place with the delaminated rubber end clamp until we could find a replacement. Not sure how long that would have lasted as it came off in like new condition a few days later.
SteveK AKA Soo Valley
You only need one working engine. That is why I have two.
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