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Originally Posted by tiltrider1 View Post
I am assuming you are talking about your windscreen on your fly bridge?
No, I'm talking about the actual PH L and R curved windshields.
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Thanks all. I'm not sure that polishing will work, as it looks like it goes all the way thru, but I'll try it first (cheapest).

If that doesn't work, I'll try looking for a company to make them (I just don't feel manufacturing them myself is my strength).

If those courses of action fail, I'll give it a shot myself.

Thanks for your insights - I sure appreciate our forum.
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There is a guy at Stingraypointe Boatworks that made a plastic window to a custom shape when I was having work done there. He is a skilled woodworker too. stingraypoint boat works | Stingray Point Boat Works

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In his 60s and 70s, my father, who had spent 30 years in the Navy maintaining aircraft from Seaman to Commander, built a couple of airplanes in his garage which had full bubble canopies. One was a half-scale P-51 Mustang; so you get the idea of the complexity involved. He built an "oven" out of plywood with oven heating rods placed here and there and connected to individual rheostats in which to melt the Plexiglas over a form. I am sure making the form was the hardest part of the whole process because the "oven" was certainly a slapped-together looking hot mess. In the case at hand, the basis for making the form is at hand in the form of the original windshield. I want to remember that Dad used styrofoam or some other such easily worked material covered with felt - not sure because after age 18, the Navy kept me away from home except for a week or so every year which meant I saw the planes and the processes in snapshots as they were fabricated.
Rich Gano
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You might have better luck finding some one to make these windows if you talk to your local glass guys.

You can also call Calsak Plastics they are the big supplier of acrylic and polycarbonate in Washington.
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Long before I ever thought of this being a problem, I broke one of the curved Lexan (or maybe Plexiglass ) pieces of the Venturi screen on my flybridge.

I took the broken piece and all the unbroken pieces to my local auto glass shop and asked for a replacement. A week later I go the replacement, curved to exactly the right curvature and in a Bronze tint, so eliminating the purple that the original had faded to.

That was 24 yrs ago and the new is still the colour it started out.
I asked the glass shop guy how he did it. He used the warm and droop method, as set out in some detail above.

That cost me $500Cdn in 1995 for a Venturi approx 12 ft wide by 1 ft high.

Find a good Auto Glass shop.
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