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Originally Posted by firehoser75 View Post
DDW and others,
Flushing your raw water side (often) with fresh water is a good way to help "stave off" marine age (basically the ravages of corrosion in the salt (air and water) environment that our salt water operated boats live in). If you flush regularly with fresh water (and store the raw water cooling side cleaned of salt water), you can greatly extend the time between having to fully service the various heat exchangers, gear coolers, aftercoolers, etc. and avoid the probability of overheating your engine (at least better of odds of doing so). Salt water in a hot environment (like inside our engine's components) will form a limestone like substance in the cooling passages which will only be removed (once hardened) by relatively aggressive measures like sending out to the rad shop for acid cleaning. Fresh water flushing will increase the time intervals between this type of (costly and/or time consuming) servicing. I just took apart my aftercooler for routine servicing (after 2 full seasons and about 400 engine hours) and there was no corrosion (even though the cooler consists of a "dog's breakfast" of dissimilar metals), and no calcium buildup at all. After properly reassembling with lots of grease, I can now leave this component for 4-5 years before servicing again, instead of having to look after it every 2-3 years. By the way, I service the cooling system more often than I could possibly "get away with", but I would rather be on the safe side. As far as zincs are concerned, I am certainly not an expert on this area, but I trust Tony Athens of Seaboard Marine. Unless I am reading his advice on this incorrectly, he says stay with zinc even if flushing with freshwater. His website has tons of great, free advice based on his training, education, and many years of experience. By the way, I am not associated in any way with him, or his business, just a grateful boater! His website is:
Hope this info proves helpful,
I run a flush program using white vinegar and the a fresh water chaser. Cleans all the mineral deposits out oh h.e. and costs are nominal. No harsh chems or disposal issues either. Great for your fresh h2o system and water heater as well.
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When you flush with vinegar, do you use full strength or a mix of fresh water?
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I flush with straight white vinegar, dissolves scale and deposits very well, great for flushing all h2o tankage, fresh and holding...
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Originally Posted by DDW View Post
The pink stuff has a lot of water in it, and is an electrolyte itself. It does not completely displace the existing water in the cooling system, but mixes with it. So the possibility of galvanic corrosion exists. While it does not seem to cause a problem with salt water boats and zinc anodes, or fresh water boats and magnesium anodes, the question remains what about fresh water boats and zinc anodes? I don't think there is a lot of collective experience there, as it is an unusual situation.
you may be 'over thinking' this a little
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