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between waxing

I try to keep my boat pretty clean by hosing it off every week or so, or after she gets salty on the water. I haven't had it lo g enough, but planning a haul out this summer and we will do a full polish and wax at that point.

What are you all using between waxes to keep things looking sharp? Can anyone recommend a cleaner or a super easy rinse on rinse off kind of polish to keep it nice between waxings?

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Learn about Permanon! We are quite impressed with the product and is so much easier to apply and maintain than wax and once you understand the product and how to apply the labor savings vs wax is wonderful and the protection is impressive. The product repels dirt and dust and just needs a hose off to stay looking good. Google it and then watch the videos on the companies website. The best part is that it can be applied to all hard surfaces without needing to be buffed off. We have no connection but are so happy with the results to date.
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We wax the hull and decks every 6-8 months. In between we just use wash and wax stuff from Star Brite. Areas where water drains, etc we'll touch up with wax every so often.
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I like the Woody Wax Carnuba spray wax
Woody Wax Brushes, Gloves, And Applicator Kits
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I dont know why itching came to mind, but it did.
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Everyone on my dock uses Roll-Off to wash the boat. just wet the boat down, spray it on, wait a couple of minutes, lightly scrub with a deck brush. It disolves black streaks, spider crap and just about anything else. It leaves a finish that looks like wax.

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