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Originally Posted by Pau Hana View Post
Larry, the lifespan depends on location (sun exposure)- 3-5 years towards the tropics, and 8-10 years in northern climes like Seattle.

The film is a basecoat/clearcoat 3M product, so fade in minimal if at all. Simply cut out the damaged area, cut a new piece slightly larger than the cutout, clean the hull with alcohol, and apply the patch.
Thanks Peter. I like the repair process.
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High Fin,
Check out Rod Collins (owner of that site) really knows his stuff.
I have followed his advice (in this case for boat exterior maintenance) for years. I have even had people in boatyards stop and tell me how great my boat looks, even before I have started this year's treatment.
According to Rod, there is no shortcut, it is a lot of work. Presta Chroma makes some great products for cutting and then polishing. Yes they are separate processes. If you try to just cut then wax, your result will not last as long as if you take the time to polish out the micro ridges that cutting puts into your gelcoat. I use a Makita polisher with the right pads for cutting and polishing.
Like another poster stated, I too use Collinite Fleetwax paste wax hand applied and taken off by hand with a microfiber cloth. If you use 2 coats, the wax will bead up for over a year. The secret to the wax application and removal is to do small sections at a time and use a water bottle to mist the surface just prior to applying the wax. Remove when the surface is about 70% dry. Do not let it totally dry or removal will be hard work!!
Rod's article on this subject goes into great depth on this subject.
Good luck,
Nanaimo, BC
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I second Tom's recommendation to check out Rod's (CMS, Mainesail) website. He has a great write-up on how to do it. I read it carefully, educated myself, planned out the project... then paid a professional to do it for me. If I was retired, then I would consider it, but hard work gets harder the older I get and I have too little time to enjoy the boat as it is.

SPOT page
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First, make sure you're looking at oxidized gelcoat and not a previously painted finish. I tried buffing my 'gelcoat' unsuccessfully, then I realized it had been painted. In which case, the only solution is to sand and repaint.
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Waxing vs Poli-Glo

I've compounded 2 sailboats and painted 3. Now I own a Nordic Tug 32.
I recently used Poli-Glo on the green hulled tug. It looks fantastic and didn't kill my shoulders. Compounding and wax are an incredible amount of work to get the right look. Compounding removes gelcoat. Sooner or later you don't have any gel coat left. I put 5 coats of Poli-Glo on in one day and Bruno looks great. In my Northern Michigan climate I'll do one coat a year. Just one guy's opinion who has boated his whole life.
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I have restored many gelcoat boats in my time. I have been in the auto reconditioning business since 1975. as a part of my business boats, rv's etc were routine customers.
in 2011 I became part of the marketing and sales department of the buffpro polisher. see for videos of this polisher in action. it will not burn gelcoats or paint, it will not leave swirl marks and is so easy to use I can train someone to use it in five minutes.
it will accommodate heavy cut wool pads , medium cut foam and polishing pads. it is far less expensive to detail your own boat than to hire detailers or to wrap the boat. take a look at their website. there are also videos on I believe.
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Heres the easy way out--I did it with my Dyer sailing dinghy and it had a mirror like reflection. Lasted about 6 months. Power wash or otherwise clean it completely. Apply 3 coats of Zeb floor polish from the depot. Just wipe it on with a soft cloth. No work, no buffing etc. No expensive marine products. Works on any size boat I suppose. JP
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Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
If you plan to keep the boat!!!! Bite the bullet
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Some will say I am crazy but this works, we have had 2 Red oxydized hulls on Sailboats my sweet wife using her logical brain correctly deduced the hulls needed moisture she would Use Vaseline on the hulls, it worked like a charm, but did cause concern once with a surveyor that detected a petroleum based product on the hull, we had no money and it sure made the boats look ,like new.
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How we polished our boat

The bottom of our boat has never been painted. We used an orbital polisher with buffing compound. Then polished it. If there is still oxidization go over it with 1000, then 2000 grit sand paper and repeat the polishing. IF its really bad you may have to pay. We are on a shoe string budget, so we try and do things ourselves. Each time we take it out of the water, we clean it really well so the are no water stains from the murky lake water.
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