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A little added information.* We live aboard and pretty much cook as any two person household would.* We get just over 3 months use from a full 3 gallon tank.* There are several propane sellers nearby.* Filling the tank is not a big issue.

On our previous boat we were weekend cruisers and anchored out only two or three times a year.* We had an electric stove but did not have an inverter.* I did not want to be the guy running a generator at 6.30 AM.* In order to avoid that, we had a small one burner butane stove for making coffee, a pot of oatmeal, boil some eggs, etc.* We still carry this little unit as a spare in case I goof and we run out of propane.



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RE: Stoves

markpierce wrote:
There you are, KJ.* Choose wisely.
*Yes, I will try, Master.***********

************************************************** ********** Grasshopper* (KJ)

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RE: Stoves

We're electric too.* We just replaced "old sparky", the original princess coil burners, with a slick*new glass top 3 burner stove.* I do the majority of cooking on the grill.* But the new stove top does heat up nicely and will be easy to clean.* I have a severely decreased sense of smell so converting to propane won't ever be an option for us.* I would blow us up for sure.* But I'm allowed to use it on the deck!*
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No one has talked about a diesel stove. it is what I have.**A Dickenson Bristol. I Just plain love it.

*But as I live in Alaska heat on the boat even in the summer is a great thing to have.

I run it all the time when on the boat. I only recall once this year when I didn't have it lit.

Ahh Alaskan summers on the boat Love it.


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RE: Stoves

Ditto here on the gas.* Our 36 has electric but we plan to buy a Force Ten propane this winter.* I like the gas mainly because I don't have to start the gen set in the early morning to make my coffee while the Admiral sleeps.* Until we get the new stove, I have been using a small*butane backpack stove to heat the morning coffee.
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We went with an electric Bosch stove. *The reasons, in descending order of importance were:

1. The stove is glass top, so the entire surface is usable counter space.

2. Lugging propane tanks wasn't fun when I was 30 and would be less fun today. *Self sufficiency, to the extent possible, is a virtue.

3. 90% of our cooking is done with an electric skillet, microwave oven, coffee maker and breadmaker. *We use the 220 v oven top and oven very occasionally.

4. We have a genset. *If we have to run the genset to cook or bake something, we do laundry at the same time.

5. Propane is quite safe when managed properly, but accidents happen and when they happen with propane, they are doozies.

6. I almost caught on fire in the middle of the Pacific when a propane sniffer PCB went haywire. *The cat only jumps on the hot stove once, so to speak.

As usual, people think that what they have, or adopted, is just right. *Whether it is or not is a matter of personal preference.

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Penny Lane wrote:
We still carry this little unit as a spare in case I goof and we run out of propane.

*When we replaced our boat's original Magic Chef propane range with a new Force 10 we also replaced the previous owner's rusting*BBQ tank on homemade legs so it would sit on its side--- very bad idea, *with a new horizontal*aluminum marine tank.* But the only size of aluminum horizontal tank that would fit in the same place was 2.5 gallons.* Even 2.5 gallons lasts a long time, several months of frequent trips.* But after several instances of the tank running out in the middle of cooking a meal with*friends on board*we added a second identical horizontal tank next to the first one.

The narrowboats we hire in the UK have three Calor (propane) tanks, two of which are connected together with an automatic switchover valve and a third as a spare.* We considered the automatic valve to connect our two tanks but*decided instead to simply move the hose that feeds the boat's propane line from the empty tank to the full one when we ran out, and then fill the empty one*after we got home (there is a propane company right next to our studios south of Seattle).

The addition of a second tank has been a real benefit on many occasions.

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