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Sea Recovery Watermakers

Anyone have a Sea Recovery watermaker installed in their boat?* I am considering one and would be interested in any opinions as to treliability, ease of use, etc.



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RE: Sea Recovery Watermakers

I have had a few Sea Recvovery RO water makers on various Anchor Handlers that I have worked on and have had some serious problems with them, mainly with the electronics.
One in paticulat recently could not get it going again even with new cards from agent and the help from our on shore electronics tech.

On my own boat I have a bog standard simple RO unit, 2 x 40" membranes, s/s HP pump, standard 240 V Onga low pressure pump. (120 lt 30 gal/hr)
Start it up, screw down pressure to 800 psi, run for approx 10 min to bilge , taste water then switch to FW tanks.
Installed for about 1/2 the price of a big name maker.
Probably the same in the USA there are local makers of RO systems with low overheads and simple to operate systems.
have recently fitted a cheap ($70.00) 2 pick up TDS meter that lets me know when the produced water is below 400 ppm.

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RE: Sea Recovery Watermakers

Thanks for the info. I have heard similar feedback on the electronics, altho the dealer says they have redesigned the units to be more reliable. Questionable.
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RE: Sea Recovery Watermakers

Before you buy a water maker make sure you are going to use it and they are high maintenance.* Thee is not much to a water maker if you do not get/need the whistles and bells, pre filter, high pressure pump, membranes and tubing.* The Eagle had a HO water maker that I took out as we did not need/use it as we carry 400 gallons with is 2 to 3 weeks.* Anyway I took it a part the only black box part is the saline tester that if an electric currant can conduct/pass though the water being produced its to salty so then you have to lower the PSI.* The most expensive parts is the high pressure psi pump and the membranes.*

If I buy one it will not be in a box/cabinet and does not have many if any whistles and bells.* Also as if they have refurbished/returned water makers.**Anyway make sure you need and/or use the water*maker.*
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RE: Sea Recovery Watermakers

I would recommend against a Sea Recovery for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they use proprietory membranes which are very expensive to replace compared to standard sizes. Also, as mentioned above they use an unnecessary amount of electronics which are prone to failure.
I recommend Village Marine watermakers. They provide a wide range including some very basic (read reliable) units however, be careful as some of their products also use proprietory membranes and some don't.
You don't need fancy electronics to make water. I do haowever recommend at minimum an inline conductivity meter to monitor quality, either hooked up to an alarm or an automatic divert valve to drain.
I finished last year at a company called Watermaker Services and worked on a wide range of installations and saw a lot of problems.
My watermaker on my yacht (I know, I'm trying to sell it to buy a trawler) is a village marine with no electronics at all and has been 100% reliable after 3 years. It was used when I bought it, I did a routine pump service, fitted a new memrane and that is about it.
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RE: Sea Recovery Watermakers

I'd agree with Village Marine. But it all comes down to good prefilters, where you run it and how well you take care of the unit. PMM had a good article on ROs (by Steve D'Antonio) a few issues ago, the best I've seen in a boating magazine recently.

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