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Location of diverter valve for fwd head/deck wash

I am going to be putting in a deckwash system. Its a Jabsco hot shot 6, 70psi.
However, I only have one thru hull in the forward part of my boat, a Marine Trader 41.

The one thru hull available is allready used for the forward head, I intend to tee off of this one. With only one thru hull I will need to have a diverter valve. Either the water goes to the head or the wash down system. The question I am posing is placement.

If I hide the diverter valve behind a cupboard, it is esthetically pleasing, but it is not obvious upon entering the head that the head can be used. If I put the diverter valve in view beside the head it is obvious the head or deckwash systmem can be used, but it is esthetically messy.

What does the trawlwer forum have to say about the placement of this diverter valve. The valve in question is a 3/4 inch stainsless steel 3 position ball valve.

If anyone can post pictures of how their diverter valves look, I would appreciate it.

The obvious solution of putting in a second thru hull is understood but I don't intend to hual the boat this season or the next.

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I have done exactly what you are proposing without a diverter valve. The head has its own check valve which prevents backflow and the wash down pump also has a check valve. They should work together ok. It helps that both types of pumps are self priming. I wouldn't do this for an air conditioner R/W pump.


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I don’t think you’ll need the valve, how often do you wash the deck and use the head at the same time?
And even if they are both in use, the result will only be reduced flow, nothing’s going to blow up or burn out!
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We have a head and wash down on a T off one through hull from the PO. No check valves or anything. Works fine but we donít use both at the same time.
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