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Originally Posted by Lepke View Post
I've had my Incinolets for 10+ years. I'll never have another marine toilet.
Dear Wheeler owner Lepke... Your thumbs-up input got me watching videos regarding Incinolet toilets. Pretty cool!

When not tied to a dock, with elect pwr... How do you power your Incinolet's 1.5 +/- hr. per "flush" burn sequence? Gen set running that long??

Seems if there were a few persons aboard the gen set might get quite a few run hours per day.

Also - Where does your Incinolet venting go off the boat? Care to share any photos?
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I have a 8d battery bank that will supply my inverter easily a day with people on board. 3+ days alone. Every 2-3 days I run a generator for a few hours to make water, heat water, laundry, etc.. while recharging the bank. Or I move and recharge with alternators on the mains. Since the inverter, I never run the generators while cruising and maybe once a day with lots of people. The inverter has cut generator time by about 80%. When I bought the boat, the way it was set up, I had to run a generator almost all the time.
The main changes I made was diesel stove or induction in place of an electric stove, Incinolet toilets, bigger battery bank, from 12v to 48v, added 48v alternators to mains and removed one head & shower. I have a house DD reefer, bar cooler and 2 freezers that are always on.
I try to time the need for hot water to when the generator is running but can use the inverter. Water heater is 50 gallon home style. Super insulated so hot water with limited use lasts 2-3 days. Alone, I can shower for 3 days. Diesel stove has a coil the heats the hot water tank when running. I'm in the PNW and mostly like Canada and Alaska and avoid hot weather so rarely need AC. Nice thing about inverters, it switches over from shore power to generator or inverter without a laps or spike in power. Don't have to reset clocks, etc. Inverter will also start a generator if the bank gets low.
Incinolets are in the lower deck inside the hull and go up two decks and vent to the side. I use a bilge blower in the line to make up for the longer pipe. I use 3" plastic pipe (installation calls for 4") and that's part of the reason for the inline blower. Blower is at the top. It also helps push the fumes away from the side. On the hook or cruising fumes not a problem.
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Nice set up! Thanks for thorough depiction! - Art
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Or...if the power drain of your incinerator loo is a bit much, what about this amazing Aussie invention..? (Shamelessly lifted from a recent post in Humor by BruceK.)

Sorry to the OP. I couldn't help it. I plead insanity...
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Would an oxy acetylene torch aimed directly at the "Bondi cigar/blind mullet" for say 10 seconds do the job as well and faster without electricity consumption?
2005 Integrity 386 "Sojourn"
Sydney Australia
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