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Incinolet Toilet??

I was looking at these toilets and was wondering if anyone here has any practical experience with them.

I get from the site that they don't work with inverters, so they require either 110 or 220. But will they work off a Genset? If so, how does it work in the middle of the night if you want to use the toilet? Do you have to start up the genest if you use the toilet int he middle of the night?

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The owners manual should answer most of your questions Incinolet owners manual


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I find with insolent toilets, if you slap them around for a bit, they smarten up.
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I live aboard alone, but have occasional guests. I have 2 14kw generators, but don't want to run one continuously like po did. So I put in a large 120/240 inverter system.

I have 2 Incinolets, a 120v and a 240v. They use about 1kwh a flush, cycling heat on and off to maintain burn temps. The toilets are used daily and probably average 2 flushes a day. I run mine with an inverter when running or anchored. Running the mains, I have an alternator to keep the batteries up so I don't have to run a generator. I don't go where it's hot so no AC draw. I didn't want to fit in a holding tank and knew no discharge zones would expand.

I have several inverter battery banks and go about 3 days between generator runs. I time the generator to laundry and making fresh water unless I have several other people aboard.

I like them. No problems since 2011, no parts other than the liners. Beats taking a marine toilet apart when it fails. Maintenance is easy, dump the ash depending on use, wipe down the stainless steel, and clean the blower wheel every 6 months. Blower wheel is easy to access and not smelly. Blades will eventually get a buildup that reduces air flow. After years of no maintenance will get a creosote like buildup. I have one spare wheel I swap out. Cleaned by soaking in detergent and spraying off.

Because a blower runs when running, no smell in the head. If you plan your exhaust discharge, the burning is rarely noticed and when smelled is like normal burning, not sewage. I like the 240v model better, smaller power wiring, seems to run for a shorter time.
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We had them in the Arctic. They work well. Most of the time , they were too few toilets and too many people. Ours were 220 volt. Coils and blowers, were the main failures. There is an odor from exhaust that is not to pleasing. If they are not overly used they are fine. I would not want one on any boat I owned, as I have spent a fair amount of time working on them.
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I had one in shore side set up. I'd never have one again. Friends and family failing to follow proper use. Parts wearing out. Exhaust odors. The need for it to finish it's cycle before shut down, I'd never walk away from a boat with the cycle not finished.

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