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Hot water re-pipe with PEX a problem

I have experienced leaks in my 30 year old hot water pipes. After the last one I decided to replace the whole system. Wow, and insane job. Three times we were faced with seemingly impossible problems. Twice we got past them. I still don't have arms long enough to screw on the new fittings to my washing machine and I can't figure out how to get it out, but that I can save for later. After finally hooking up all of the 1/2" pex lines and brass shark bite fittings, several of the lines to the sinks are leaking. Some of these are almost impossible to reach with two hands or tools. We were thankful to get them connected and freaked out now that they leak. In a couple days we are going to try again. Does anyone have any tips on using these shark bite fittings and achieving leak free performance?
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Feed extra pipe to where they need to be, then pull back and make that connection where it can be reached.

Attach flexible hoses from pex connections to the appliances if it makes it easier.
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Did you check out the videos on the shark bite site?
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With many of the PEX fittings a perfectly clean 90* cut is essential and a PEX cutting tool is the best way. I have used the crimp fittings (both rings and bands) when doing an extensive repair / replace and the SharkBite type for simple repairs. I have only had one crimp fitting leak when testing and that was one I assembled to dry fit and forgot to crimp it later.
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I have re-plumbed many boats and rvs and made many repairs to pex I have used rings pinch clamps and shark grips. I have never had one leak as well and yes good cuts matter. the only thing I can think of is that when you pushed the pipe into the shark grip you didn't get it all the way in.
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Done at home but my last plumbing repair involved removing the entire tap/faucet set, attaching short hoses and then reinstalling the faucet set back into place. I could work the faucet set securing nuts but not the hose ftgs. in the very tight space. Having the faucet set on the counter made things far easier.

Then the final connection was done down where I could work the parts. Needed some extra bits and pieces and made a few extra trips to the hardware store but no leaks since.

And yes I have one of the tubing cutters. Going to put one on the boat also for the prices they are.
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I thought shark bite and PEX are different sizes.
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I replumbed a previous boat with SeaTek materials. The fittings are similar to Sharkbite. The only one that ever leaked was because I didnít seat the pipe completely into the fitting. And yes the cut is very important.
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Originally Posted by jimdavi View Post
I thought shark bite and PEX are different sizes.

North Pacific uses the Wirsbo expansion system. Sharkbite works with that tubing.

North Pacific 45
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A friend who runs the plumbing dept at the local Ace Hdwe told me that with Sharkbite you have to make sure your tube is cut square and that you need to chamfer the edges of the tube
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