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Frigoboat Refrigeration

My 33-year old coldplate refrigeration system by Grunert needs to be replaced. Iím throwing way too much good money at it every year and am not getting positive returns.

Recently, I was talking to a marine refrigeration technician, and he recommended Frigoboat systems. It involves removing the Grunert system and retrofitting their system. I can use my existing cold box and cabinetry. A plus!

The Grunert systems requires 120 VAC and the Frigoboat, that Iím considering, uses 12 VDC. Another plus, in my mind.

Also, since the Frigoboat system is air cooled, I can seal up one of many through hulls on the boat.

Thoughts? Experience with Frigoboat?

"Mahalo Moi"
1986 GB-42 Classic
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Frigoboat Refrigeration

I have a Frigoboat system. Two compressors and two separate compartments that I can use either as fridge or freezer. They seem very efficient with the variable speed compressors. Iím happy.

This system was already on the boat when I bought it. The boat is 12 years old and Iíve owned it 4 years.

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One big joy of a eutetic system is the ability to use a large compressor and pull the system temperature down very rapidly .This is great for sailors that prefer silence so an hour a day to keep frozen foods seems reasonable.

With lots of time a much smaller DC unit , or an AC unit also will freeze the eutetic solution (usually salt water) to below its freezing point.

If you will be engine or solar powering a DC setup should be fine , but if you use your noisemaker often the AC compressor could easily be 4-5 times larger , requiring less run time.

The eutetic advantage is the silence while operating , not the amount of power it requires .

If the plates are removed the box interior will be larger , and use no more energy as the surface area of the box exterior and insulation are unchanged .

Depending on the system chosen , dead batteries could result.
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Yes, get rid of that 33 year old Grunert, go air cooled 12 v and never look back !
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If the compressor unit is in the ER, lack of cool air for the heat exchange process is a problem while water supply for heat exchange is just the other side of the hull.
When onboard and running the compressor, I run the ER exhaust fan located right above the compressor;when away from the boat I support the ER entry hatch open 2", allowing hot air to rise out.
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