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Looking for youtube people to follow/learn from

We are in month 2 of our 2 1/2 year plan to live aboard a ~55 footer. Wife and I are obsessed with watching youtube videos of people living aboard trawlers. AM looking for some more ideas of people to follow.

We like
Trying not to sink - they are very open on planned costs and unforeseen expenses
Searching for C-Shels - living the life we are planning (Florida/Bahamas during the winter, up the east coast during summer) and do a good job showing things to explore. Plus, Canadians are just pretty pleasant people
Sailing Good, Bad and Ugly - They are sailing instead of powered but are pretty goofy and enjoyable to watch
Elli-Yacht - Going through sort of the same life change we are

Any others you might recommend?

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Check our Mermaid Monster 55í Nordhavn
And Onboard Lifestyle. Sailing cat

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There's a lot to learn from the sailboaters out there doing it "on the cheap", .....and others on the "not so cheap".

Boat problems and how (not) to handle them on the fly is no different between sailboats and trawlers.

I do have to have a bit of production value to keep my ADD at bay.

My current subscription list includes the Wynns, Tula, onboard lifestyle, uma, project Atticus, and soulianis to name a few.

There has not been one episode from ANY of these that I have not learned something, even if small...
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9to5less never made it to Florida. Ugly break up.
Irish Lady
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"Gone with the Wynn's" are a couple I followed when they were motor homing full time. Four years ago they moved onto a sailing cat with no knowledge of how to sail a boat. Four years latter, they are one of the ones to get invited to boat shows. Right now they are "stranded" in Fiji as they flew home to the States to see parents, relatives and friends, and got caught in a border closure, due to the plague, in Fiji.

"Sailing Uma" is a couple, the guy is Canadian. At first I wasn't that thrilled with them, but they definitely have grown on me.

"MV Freedom" is of a couple who have moved fulltime onto their Nordhavn (43 I think) and plan to do some extensive cruising. They just finished a trial run from slightly north of Seattle to Westport Washington and now they are headed back "home."

And one is of a member here who really isn't active with a few posts. He is restoring a Monk. His usual video is fixing something, then drinking "the beer of the week." Occasionally he goes cruising around Desolation Sound and south. His vlog is called "Travels with Geordie."
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Check out "Sailing Uma"
"Tula's endless summer"
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Originally Posted by High Wire View Post
9to5less never made it to Florida. Ugly break up.
Like somebody on the 9to5less channel commented, the relationship breakup was better than the boat breaking up, and it was a miracle it didn't!
I don't know why that's my favorite boating channel. I guess because it shows that no matter what boat you're in, boating can be fun. Plus ,seeing his boat makes us appreciate ours more!
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All they mentioned above another good one is the Wandering Knapps. Iíve been watching a bunch. Expedition Evans follows A young couple that bought a totaled 40 some foot sailboat and itís a vlog of their restoration journey.
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Check out "What yacht to do".

Also, just for fun try "Cruising the Cut", a liveaboard cruising England's canal system.
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There are several channels related to BUS to RV conversions. Folks going on the road and living in a converted bus full time. While not directly "Boat" related, some really good first hand experiences in living in small spaces, off grid etc. and others
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I'm currently following more than 25 sailing channels. These ones are some of the best, being mostly liveaboards and full time cruisers. They all show the cruising lifestyle 'warts and all,' and are just as likely to show you a detailed demonstration of how to rebuild a marine head as they are to show you a lovely tropical sunset.

Sailing SV Bora Bora (one of my favorite)
Sailboat Story
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Nandji
Sailing Ruby Rose
Sailing Millennial Falcon
Sailing Uma
The O'Kellys
Sailing Fair Isle
Tula's Endless Summer
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing Magic Carpet
Odd Life Crafting
Gone With the Wynns
Sailing Project Atticus

Here are a couple of British Narrowboater types that are similar:
Cruising the Cut
Foxes Afloat
Country House Gent
Just be nice to each other, dammit.
The Adventures of Sylphide
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City: Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island
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Vessel Model: Mariner 28 - Sedan Cruiser 1969
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I have toyed with vlogging about locations in my area, partial cruising and part history. The history in this area is fascinating and I just learned that the PNW from Seattle up to the Alaska panhandle was the New York (highest population in North America) for thousands of years. This makes sense since we have the mildest climate, not too hot, not too cold, incredible sea life to feed the First Nations people. And there is one spot in Desolation or beside it that is purported to be the deepest along the West Coast at 2400 feet. Don't forget the rum runners, the Navies of England, Portugal, Spain and Russia sailing in our coastal regions.

And because of the abundance of trees in BC, we were a boat building hot spot. Apparently 10 to 20 % of American homes are built with BC lumber, hence the continual soft wood disputes between the two countries. Also the history of fishing and whaling, over harvesting otters and seals, and you have kaleidoscope of topics for a cruising vlog.

During the Second World War, the Germans apparently came into the channels and fjords of coastal BC to in essences take time off, repair and recuperate their submarines. My mother, in the Canadian Women's Airforce, was deployed to Whitehorse to monitor German submarine communications off of coastal Alaska. Don't know why, but I experienced it working operations in the Canadian Forces in Whitehorse, you can pick up marine radio communications very clearly.

One humourous story. During the war (WW2), there was one cable from North America to Australia, it ran from Port Renfrew BC to where ever in Ozzy land. In Port Renfrew was the infrastructure for maintaining the cable communications including appropriate "Radio Shacks" with all the official dials. Rumour came through to the staff there that there was to be a German raid on the structures and they were planning to cut the cable. So all the dials were swapped out with dials that had nothing to do with nothing. Sure enough the Germans came, smashed all the dials, cut the cable and left. Apparently piecing the cable back together was no big deal. And 24 hours after the Germans left, all the original dials were back in place and the radio shack was again back up and running.

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