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Decisons-Advise regarding sentimental items

I am planning on moving onto my boat with my dog and cat late spring summer down in Daytona Beach
House will be put for sale in the early spring. All the furniture will be auctioned off if I don't sell it. That includes a RV, tractor, trailer, ect
I already know what items from the kitchen. I have a few hobbies and already downsize that stash. You can find fabric and yarn if you need it.

Now, as I look at my clothes, I don't have a problem downsizing, but I am wondering how much to downsize. I have set aside the black dress, black dress pants and shoes. But-how my pairs of shorts do I need, what about t-shirts. I have always gone through my closet at the end of seasons and if it wasn't worn, off it went. So I wear everything I have but I don't believe I need to have all the choices I have now. I am retired, so don't need "work" clothes. I have always been a Goodwill sort of gal, so I have no problem downsizing. I am just looking for a baseline

Now, what to do with those sentimental items that mean nothing to no one other than me. No children or relatives to give them too. I have a friend who said she would let me keep a tote with these items, but I think why bother. It's not like I will every use these items. I am talking about things like my christening dress, girl scout uniform, my brownie hat, first baby shoes. I can't bring myself to give them to Goodwill, and can't think about trashing them. Has anyone faced this dilemma, any good suggestions?

One more question, is there anything that you wished you had NOT gotten rid of and would have kept if you had a do-over.

Any insight, thoughts, comments or opinions will be appreciated

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Put your sentimental items with your friend.

Casual easy to keep clothes unless you have a washer-dryer on board.

We are in Daytona so if we can help send me a PM.

Life is a Beach
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Men and women have slightly different reactions to liquidating everything and moving aboard. Having listened to the women talk (shocking) over the years as to what makes them comfortable my suggestion is to save the sentimental items. There is a certain good feeling about not having cut all ties with the past. A couple of boxes of the items you described are not difficult to store and you can always make another decision five years from now.

As for clothes, that is in part a financial issue as well as an issue of whether you will wear shorts and tops that are several years old. We all keep just so many clothes on a boat. When they wear out (yep on a boat they do) we replace them either with new clothes or clothes taken out of storage.

Good luck

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I'm not a sentimental person so I probably wouldn't hang onto much of anything. GW is the exact opposite. She hangs onto more "junk" than most people. We'd have a helluva time if we ever decided to live aboard.
Mike and Tina
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My fiancé moved onboard with her clothes and a turquoise ceramic pig. We move sentimental items to her daughters house.

We have a 10'x12'x6' storage unit, and rotate clothes in the spring and fall.

Less is more.
Peter- Marine Insurance Guru & tuna fishing addict!

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Letting go of material things can be a tough emotional experience. I have been "down sizing" for 3 years and found myself asking if some things were really that important. I got rid of (either by selling or giving away) the things I wasn't so attached to. Then the other items went into storage. After some time- I looked at the storage items and decided that the items I had forgotten about needed to go. I found it relieving and my attachment of some material things got easier as time went on. I also learned that my memories stored in my brain were the most important thing to me. Then I started having to deal with the sentimental items. By that time- I was enjoying my lighter load of "things". I always felt someone else could either enjoy them or make great use of the items and all I was doing was hanging onto something I didn't need to really enjoy life. I wish you the best. Don't do it all at once. And if you have a hard time parting with something - maybe a friend will "hold" it for you. And then you decide later. That helps too.
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Really appreciate all your input and thoughts. I was in the military for 22 years, so I was continually downsizing with each move and never was a "packrat" When I retired from the AF kept a few items that meant alot to me and will keep them. I have been through all my photos and have my "life story" in just a few small albums. I realize that if I could not identify the person in the photo, why keep it. I was an only child, so I did keep a few photos of when I was a kid and a few of my parents.
It is so true that the memories in my mind are the best and those will be with me forever. I just didn't want to give the impression that because I am really not that sentimental it doesn't me I don't care. As long as I have change in my pocket, some good people around me, and having my pets around, and my boat, what else do I need.
When I looked at those sentimental items, it all fits in a small tote, so I think I will leave them with my friend.
I feel alot better now and can move forward!
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Good Gracious! I think we actually helped someone.
Finding a way to keep the sentimental is a good idea.
Hope it goes well Bert. I`m guessing the dog and cat are good friends.
2005 Integrity 386 "Sojourn"
Sydney Australia
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Hello Bert. As you've downsized over the years I'm almost certain what remains have emotional attachment of sorts. As you've a dirt-dweller willing to hold your stuff, avail yourself of that for the time being.

HOWEVER, think carefully and see if you can't find another use for the memories. For instance, perhaps you have some medals or patches you earned as a scout? They could be perhaps sewn onto a pillow for your cabin. I know when reading on my bunk it's handy to have a small pillow under the arm. The fabric from your uniform could become a pillow sham. The patches (if you've enough) might become part of a garland for your Christmas tree, or ornaments on the tree.

And that coffee mug that Great Aunt Rosie gave you decades ago could become either a planter for basil, a pencil holder on the chart table, or perhaps the razor repository in the head.

Just because something was intended for one thing doesn't mean you can't re-purpose it.

You'd also asked about clothes: I've no advice regarding pants nor shorts and tee shirts. For me, skirts are the ticket, and long sleeved white blouses. Yes to the little black dress (with heels) but mostly anything that can be worn with flats is perfect. I tend toward anything that dries fast without wrinkles. Light weight fabrics are perfect.

Regrets? A few but nothing comes to mind at present. Once in a while something will come up, but I don't focus on sadness. There's too much joy in the world and I'd rather celebrate the good times than wallow.

All the best, and good luck boating. It's really marvelous out here.
Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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It's tough. I haven't ever lived aboard, but I have moved back and forth between Canada and Australia, several times Each move I've had to reduce my belongings to about 100lbs of luggage.
I just returned from Canada last week, where we sold our property/business and I had to do the big final clean out. I had tears in my eyes on a few occasions during the big yard sale, watching memories go, but it felt good afterwards, - almost a zen-like experience.
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Much clothing stuff can be brought aboard , those vaccuume bags do a great job.

As clothes wear out dont replace them , just look in the bag , till its mostly all gone.

If you cruise warm clothing can be a great gift to locals.

Eventually folks do swallow the anchor , weather your HS year book will help in your dotage is open to question.

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