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To day the world moves its merchandise from country to country *primarily by container ship loaded with steal containers.

Pre packaging is the way to go.
Many years prior to the container boom, *We use the standard ice chest to transport *Items to and from our boat.

We use chests *for *dry goods including clothing, another for frozen foods and on occasion for boat projects.

Where does this payoff , well ! say ease of mobility, *there is the added benefit *where we can pre package nearly every thing , save time ; effort and more.
Mainship 400 *.
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Re: Containerization

yep, good post
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Re: Containerization

Everyone comes to this conclusion sooner or later.

Somers, Thanks for making it sooner*for many.

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Re: Containerization

Being a live aboard we store most of our seasonal cloths/coats/jackets/shoes in clear storage bens that we store under the beds as there is not enough room in the closets/drawers. My wife stores her sawing, quilting, knitting and crafts in storage boxes.* ***I also store tools in clear storage bends as to applications, which are stored under the helm and in the storage boxes on the salon roof, power saws, router/dermal, drills, sanders, epoxy supplies, paint/varnish supplies, misc tools not used often, misc tools used daily.* On a boat we are limited and many times before we can buy something new something old has to go.
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Re: Containerization

Has anyone treated those storage bag that you can connect to a vaccum and suck out the extra* air to save space, for like off season clothes,* extra towels or linens? Looks good on TV just wasn't sure if they worked or not.
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Re: Containerization

Yes, they work as advertised. Before you buy them, make sure they will work with whatever vacuum you have on board, since they are all made for the standard household vacuum cleaner hose.

They also makes bags that don't require a vacuum. They have a one way valve, so you seal up the clothes inside then roll them up to get the air out. Both will keep that "boat smell" out.

Mentioning that, I used to use those little plug-in air fresheners. While they made the boat smell nice, the smell also got into the clothes. You didn't notice it on the boat, but take them somewhere else and it was noticeable, almost offensive. I don't use those any more.
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Re: Containerization


*Here is what i did not say.

*How about a packing list*

*One can prepackage every thing the night before ahead of time slowly and methodically before you plan to go on the boat the next day.*that is a time saver.

This saves the next day mad rush and *the risk of forgetting things.

*The ice chest is very portable *keeps every thing dry if you happen to get caught in a shower. the kids get their own ice chest.

*I keep one old ice chest which i pre pack for tools to do boat repair and other projects.*
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Re: Containerization

I use those space bags frequently.... Once while going through airport security, the woman pushed my bag back to me and said "Here you go, space bag boy"
When I first saw them advertised, I wasn't too impressed. After my wife bought 3 of them, I swear by them.
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Re: Containerization

we have a lot of the space bags and find them really handy.* Even the ones that you are "supposed" to vacuum you can squeeze a lot of the air out manually without a vacuum.* yes they keep out the smell, and damp.
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Re: Containerization

Try this:


When you are finishing your laundry at* the laundramat or at home,* put your clothes into the vacuum bag fresh out of the dryer.* Since they are very dry at this point,* they will be very dry when you open them days or even weeks down the road,* er...** bay.


If you can plan ahead a little,* and use multiple bags,* you can have very fresh clothes at any point on your voyage.


In climates where it can be very damp,** like in the rain forrests of the NorthWest,* or in long stretches of fog in the NorthEast,* it is nice to pull on some nice bone dry clothes once in a while.* Sort of a fresh start.


Dan Pease

Willard 30 Horizon,

Rockport, Maine
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