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RE: Your boating history...

My Dad was not big into boats, but my Grandfather was. In 1955 he built a camp on Highland Bayou, sort of near Alvin, Texas. My first boat was a wooden skiff that had sunk into the mud in a neighbor's slip; I dug it out and re-floated it and the guy gave it to me. An uncle gave me a 5hp Elgin. Reverse was turning the motor 180 degrees but be careful of the exposed sparkplug, it would hurt and get your attention pretty quick. Then on to a Sunfish that I bought at a garage sale, not really as fun as the skiff. Next was a hand-me-down from my Grandfather, 16 ft fiberglass, 35 hp Johnson. It died when my partner/best friend sprayed carb cleaner into the carb because it needed cleaning. Then a new 18 ft aluminum skiff w/ 50hp Johnson. Same partner but w/ strict instructions not to do anything mechanical to the engine, I handled that. Next was a 19ft Robalo center console, 135hp* Johnson. Same partner, same instructions, great boat. The Robalo finally died in 1986, engine seized and the foam in the boat was waterlogged anyway. Sold it to a guy in Pass Christian, Mississippi. This was about the time I got married and started raising kids. They are pretty much grown and out of the house now, I'm single, so boat time again. Two years ago I found what I wanted on Yacht World, in Annapolis, MD. Went to see it, had it surveyed, and bought it. Renamed her "Old School"; I'm thinking this is my last boat, but never say never.
Baton Rouge
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Thought I'd ressurect this thread in honor of my father who just passed away at 88. He is who started my boating passion. Practially born on a boat and spend many summers cruising Puget Sound.
In picking out some pictures I ran across this pic of my little sister and I on the dock. Locals will immediately recognize it. This was, near as I can figure 43 years ago. Hard to believe we had any fun. We had a wood boat (oh no!) no chart plotter, no flat screen surround sound or high powered dink. We actually learned to row. And no PFD's on the dock. Used a chart and compass. There were 7 of us on the boat, all in sleeping bags. That's our 31' Trojan in the background with the towel on the rail. With 5 kids, there was always a towel on the rail.
I guess waht this made me realize is that when reading threads from folks just starting out, is that even without the lastest gizmos you can still have an awful lot of fun. I know I did.
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Greetings to all. What a wonderful photo. It a shame that the young families do not have the financial resources or time to enjoy the wonders of boating. I have three girls and in the early days, 1973, we had wood 1960 24 ft Chris Cavalier, one berth. We soved the problem by buying a Formosa inflatable and a tent. The cheepest aft cabin on the market. I would recce a suitable site,then before supper would point to selected location and tell the girls that is where they would spend the night. Off they would go,set up camp, return for dinner,then set off for the night. Never a problem. Ages 5, 8,9. They loved it and boated with us through University and still do to so many years later. I could tell you other kid stories. Called for dinner Bill
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My dad started me off young.

  1. That's my sister holding me. 1952 Colonial in the background.
  2. That's my dad. Flybridge of 1964 Pacemaker. Spa Creek, Annapolis.
After that, I was kind of hooked.
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Originally Posted by Penta View Post
Shortly after collage I met up with a couple who had a very nice old Marconi rigged ketch and started sailing with them around the lower reaches of the Gulf of Georgia and Gulf Islands. ...
Caught this gaff-rigged ketch on Mare Island Strait today. Classy!

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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I grew up on the banks of the Kootenay River in BC where my dad had a little fibreglass fishing boat used for fishing for rainbows and sturgeon (back before they were protected).
We moved to Alberta for a while, and built rafts out of logs and scrap plywood to float down the Bow River with my brothers. Often they broke up when we hit the rapids, but we all lived to tell the tale.

Back to BC and I had a couple of small trailer sailers on Kootenay Lake. With every one, we turtled it at some point, when a strong gust would come off the mountains when we didn't have the main sheet in hand to release the sail. Next my brother and I then bought an old 40ft wooden 1940's forestry boat for cheap, and found out why soon after when it sank at its mooring in Kootenay Lake A learning experience.

Moving to Australia was a game changer - the Ocean -Wow- Let me at it!
I bought an 18 ft plywood runabout with an 80hp outboard and started to learn about the sea. I pushed that little boat to the limits, taking on rougher water than some would venture with a boat twice the size. It served me well for about 10 years. I wasn't game to cross the gulf although often hauled it out to KI on the ferry.

Finally I bought something that allows me to explore the area further. The adventure continues......
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1952 - mid 70's. NY to Maine, many times! Virtually born on a boat... LI, NY South Shore. Eventually lived on the Penobscot in Camden, ME. Too many great tales to tell... Here's a few stories (wish I had the picts, they're stached someplace in brother's barn... Maine):

- Real young, learned to swim with old, puffy orange life preserver on and our dog's leash hooked to its rear. Mom walked each of us three boys around gunnels of the 23’ 1948 Chris Craft Express giving instructions on what to do with arms and feet till we figured out how to swim. Didn’t take very long for instructions to take hold in our minds and body actions.

- 1959 age 7... I proudly purchased a brand new gold colored 1.7 hp Neptune Mighty Mite o/b for $77 with my own earned dollars from helping dad work on our Chris Craft. Pop had already bought a light weight 6’6” fiberglass “Pixie” brand dink that I’d rowed for a year. The 1.7 hp Mighty Mite was a perfect match for that dink... used em for a few years till I out grew the pair.

- At 13 yrs age by working on boats I’d saved close to $700 and purchased a 1961 13’3” Boston Whaler with same year 18 hp Johnson o/b. Soon I bought a new 20 horse Johnson. 1st owned year it was stolen (along with other marine products by “Ed Warnicke Boat Yard’s fuel attendant). It was insured under dad’s policy... so, I replaced it a real nice used 1964 40 hp Johnson. Loved that boat and engine! Eventually cruised it all the way from NY to Penobscot Bay Maine and back with full dodger, SS railing, 4 6gal gas tanks and provisions aboard in a cooler as well as its front seat compartment and a storage box I built and screwed onto the steering station. Each year I’d varnish all its clear mahogany wood work, paint its bottom, and wax all fiberglass surfaces.

Once that much “Boat Love” and adventure get’s non-stop/continually thrust inside your heart, mind, and soul at young age - - > IT SIMPLY NEVER LEAVES!!

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Originally Posted by Art View Post

Once that much “Boat Love” and adventure get’s non-stop/continually thrust inside your heart, mind, and soul at young age - - > IT SIMPLY NEVER LEAVES!!

Ayuh, Cappy!
David Hawkins
Deer Isle, Maine
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