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Yesterday's hard rains showed us 2 leaks

Sigh....make that a BIG DRAMATIC SIGH. This is gonna be long...another installment in our adventures of boat ownership. Lol

So back in February or thereabouts I posted how we removed all of the carpet from the walls, ceiling, and floor of the v berth, the stairs, and the floors in the little bedroom and landing between the two bedrooms. There was quite a bit of mold in the v berth under that carpet. We cleaned all of that up.
Then we put the boat on the hard for a bottom job and a bunch of work.

When we got the boat back, we got back to working on the carpeted areas. Scraping off all of the old glue in preparation to put something new up there. I really didn't want to go back with carpet so we were playing around with other ideas.

Well....things didn't go as planned. David woke up one morning after having spent an afternoon working overhead in excruciating pain in his arm and shoulder. We figured it was just sore muscles from the awkward position he had been working in. After a few days it was worse not better so I took him to the doctor. After an MRI, we learned that he has three herniated discs in his neck with nerve impingement and spinal canal stenosis and degeneration. So we're now dealing with that...he's had an epidural steroid injection in his neck and will have another one next week. Surgery is still on the table. Well needless to say that ended his working on the boat. So I said I'll go do some scraping. I was just getting over a sinus infection and bronchitis. I didn't think to leave a door open or open windows for ventilation. Using the heat gun created a lot of smoke that filled the v berth. I woke up the next morning unable to breathe and with extremely irritated eyes. Off to the doctor I went for a steroid shot, another round of antibiotics, nose spray, and drops for my eyes. Aye yi yi. David said no more glue scraping for you.

So we started calling and asking around looking to find someone to hire to do the work for us. The one guy everybody recommended would only go with carpet. We held out for a while because I really really didn't want to go back with carpet. But no luck in finding anyone. So we got to the point of saying screw it, we just want it done and useable again. Called the guy up and said fine, just go with the stupid carpet. He came to measure last week and we still haven't heard back with him with an estimate or time frame of when he could do the work.

Which leads me to now...yesterday we were at the boat doing some things and it rained a lot..and hard. We found two leaks. One in the v berth and on right next to the stairs going down to the bedrooms. The one in the v berth we are pretty sure is either from the railing or the cleats. But the one on the side next to the stairs, we have no idea where that could be coming from.

Obviously we have to figure it out and fix it before we have the new carpet and floor installed. More delay. Between these issues, and David's neck, we're pretty much losing the whole boating season. We've yet to take the boat out at all this year. Oh, and the generator won't start. Woohoo....

There's always next year right!! 😎🙄😢🤑

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Ms. S. "There's always next year right!!" THAT'S the spirit. As you've probably read, you're not alone. The good thing is all of this happened in port rather than at some distant location. Home port repairs are so much easier than away repairs as you know what stores have what and you've got someplace to stay (if you own dirt) while said repairs are being done without the possible added expense of a hotel/motel.

Welcome to the world of leaks. Good luck (just a touch of sarcasm).

As I see it, there are several positive factors in "the big picture". Let's assume you DON'T get the boat out. I know, I know disheartening to say the least after all the time, $$ and effort you've expended BUT...

Time off will give your bodies a chance to heal and now that you're aware of your "limitations" you can plan future work endeavors with an eye to minimizing injuries.

OK, the carpet guy can't get to you right away BUT maybe putting carpet back on isn't the best idea. You now have time to research other potential options which may be best in the long run. Wood paneling? Other fabrics? Stucco? Rubber padding perhaps?

It's ALL good my dear...

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Definition of cruising: Boat repair in exotic locations. While this season may be shot, it doesn't stop you from doing a day cruise, picnic trip, or sunset cruise does it? Get the generator fixed and go play for the afternoon.

I'm tired of fast moves, I've got a slow groove, on my mind.....
I want to spend some time, Not come and go in a heated rush.....
"Slow Hand" by The Pointer Sisters
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I've been going through curing topside leaks for > 18 months. Announced to an old boy in the marina that I'd finally tracked down and cured them all. His response: Don't care if it's a freighter, trawler, sailboat, old or new, if you think you've fixed all the topside leaks, you just haven't looked hard enough. My experience has shown him to be correct.

Enjoy your boat and keep plugging away. If it's not a safety issue, you have time, later, to fix it.
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Leaks are a pain. I am so sorry that you are having this trouble. No one here is minimizing the frustration and disappointment that this type of problem brings. However, I think that most of us just chalk it up to owning a boat. We are used to those frustrations but that in no way minimizes out sympathy.

We would love to secretly hate on you if your boat was perfect and never had any issues. :-)

SPOT page
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TF Site Team
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Well if it makes yo feel any better we just returned from a trip and couple days of hard rain revealed a few roof leaks for us to deal with also . Our roof top ac is on its last leg and I'm thinking the gennie is getting close to needing a rebuild. Oh and I almost forgot one of our water tanks is leaking.
Like Ted said , fix what you need to fix for a short cruise . It will make it all better.
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I have always liked the idea of using Neoprene wet suit material instead of carpet on walls. You can buy it in all kinds of colors, it would provide some insulation, it is water and rot resistant.
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It's easy to sympathize...

We just finished a two-week project to fix a leak at our rubrail (remove rubrail, reseal the deck-hull joint, reinstall rubrail, recaulk, etc.)...

And then the next night when the big storm pounded through here, we discovered a leak in the hatch over the master stateroom. Luckily not a constant leak, just a fault when exterior water pressure is direct and like a fire hose (as with that brief storm).


South River, Chesapeake Bay
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Wifey B: The thing about leaks is they're never where they are. It's like some huge building has a leak, but where the water is dripping down is no where close to where it's coming through the roof and boats are even worse because you can't get where you need to even figure it out. So you see the leak, but don't know where the real leak is. So confusing and perplexing and annoying.

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