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I was a wind thief for many years cruising and believe me, if I was in an anchorage where there was enough wind to make a decent amount of electricity I moved to somewhere more peaceful. Solar and increased storage plus more efficient systems and usage will yield far better results.
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the first time you do something stupid and kill your batteries, plus cannot start the boat or generator, you know the wind will blow

Indeed but running almost ANY batt down to KILLED will require a replacement or the loss of most capacity.

A low voltage alarm is $20 and might alert the operator so replacing the batt banks is not required.
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After spending several weeks in the Bahamas surrounded by sail boats with wind generators, I beg you, PLEASE, do not install one. They are so annoying to be near. Much worse than someone running a genset all night and all day. You might as well be blasting your stereo 24x7 for all to hear.

Plus, at 50W, it's not going to help much. With any reasonably sized battery bank, 50W of charge will do little more than offset some of your loads. That helps, no doubt, but don't kid yourself into believing it will really charge batteries that are low. Sitting on a hook with zero load, it could keep the batteries topped off, but it won't effectively recharge a half drained battery.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can install 5x the solar capacity you will generate the same amount of power per day. That's because the wind machine runs 24 hrs per day, where the sun gives you the equivalent of about 5hrs of full sun per day. So if you can install 250W of solar you will get the same benefit, and it will be free of mechanical wear and breakdown, and be silent for you and your neighbors. Plus, when it is generating power, it's actually enough of a kick to have more of a charging effect on the batteries. I haven't run the numbers, but I'll bet it's less expensive to install too.
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