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Wonderful things happen through no fault of your own

Wifey B: Or how to luck into a wonderful life. A cruisers paradise of opportunity. Omg, it sounds like I'm pushing a get rich scheme. Well, I am sort of. Get rich by living, by giving life a chance to bring you rewards.

As cruisers we're all so blessed when we're out there. What made me think of this was someone posting about the Chicago celebration of the World Series win. Well, I thought. We happened to be in Cleveland for their NBA championship. Pure luck. We sure saw a lot of smiles and even though we were sad our team lost, it was still nice. We happened to get to go to a playoff game in Chicago on their run to the series. We totally didn't plan our trip through the Panama Canal with being in Panama City for Carnival in our minds but we were. Had no idea when we planned Port Antonio, Jamaica that it was Easter weekend and how wonderful that time is there. They know how to celebrate it.

But it's not just the big things or cruising in those places. There is nothing more fun than hitting a small town and finding out they're having some festival or their annual craft show or a silly parade or music in the park.

I guess it's that if you get out there, look around, it's there. It's everywhere. It's like a plague of wonderment, contagious joy. It's there in the local people who welcome you. Our most fun moments have been totally unplanned. We do plan. We schedule. Oh don't scream at us. Schedule changed as easy as a keystroke. But it doesn't matter where you are or when. If you put yourself out there and open up to it, it's there. We're at home in our backyard today and it's here. All our friends we've missed. I lost count once it passed 30 or so.

I just picked some random places right now to check. Omg. Elizabeth City. Splash. Arts of the Albemarle. Wish I was there. Sounds great. Apalachicola, one of our fave stops. Right now. Florida Seafood Festival. Seafood, Arts and Crafts, Music. Fun is everywhere. You can't miss it unless you choose to.

St. Augustine. Annual Pirate Gathering today. Ahoy mates. Local church having their chili cookoff. Tactile Arts Show. Native American month. So much there.

I guess the point, assuming I have one, but I think I do, maybe, perhaps, possibly. The point is we're all so lucky and it's all around us. Whether you're home or cruising, there's something going on around you that's fun and unique and not expensive. We got to experience Destin and Panama City a couple of years ago and love them. Why? Because it was too rough to cross the gulf. We weren't supposed to still be there. in one small town in our journeys the highlight, and to us it was a highlight, the elementary school's art show. So many smiling kids.

It's also nature and wildlife, those special moments. Those that make you want to scream to your friends to come look now. It's the smiles. We thought in Alaska after seeing the first glacier, the others wouldn't excite us. Well, we always had new guests with us seeing their first and we got to feel it over and over and saw the differences. I was in an art gallery and there was the cutest girl about 10 years old staring at one painting. It was nice, but to me not that nice. So, I asked her to tell me about it, what she saw in it. Omg, it was suddenly so beautiful. I'm sure the artist would have cried even if it wasn't at all what he meant.

There's just a world of beauty out there when we turn CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX off. Cruising we never really know what tomorrow holds. Now we do research the day or two before to find out what might be going on. We do try to know what special things in nature we might see. But mostly it's luck, incredible luck. However, there's this thing about luck. You all know s... happens. Well, good s... happens too. It's called good luck. But it all happens only because we open ourselves to it happening. We get to shore and ask what is going on today. We walk to it. We open our minds to different things. We look out on nature from our boat, seeing nothing but knowing something will show up. We open our eyes, but more importantly our minds, our hearts, our souls to all around us.

It just hit me that I had to say it.

Now, I'd love to hear from others about some of your greatest surprises and days or minutes of joy while cruising that were totally unplanned and unexpected. We just saw the Diver's beautiful pictures. It was all there for him, but you could tell he opened himself up to enjoy it. He was immersed in it. We just heard someone in Chicago for the celebration. Well, they didn't sit there waiting 108 years, just right place at right time. You hear of the musician who gets famous by right place, right time, but they worked years to be in that place. We consider ourselves to be the two luckiest people on earth. Maybe on a few other planets too.

So, what have you just happened into along the way that made it all so worthwhile?

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Ms. WB. Just waking up in the morning is worthwhile to me and surprising most mornings as well...

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