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Why am I drawn to this 1967 Cammenga North Sea Trawler?

This is just such a really good looking go anywhere boat. It really looks like a boat should look to me.

The link above is old, but has some amazing restoration pictures. I found you had to create a free account to see all of them, but no problem except the occasional cool email listing of the Dutch built boats on offering.

This listing on boat trader is what led me to the old link about, creating a google search. Been for sale for what seems like at least two years, maybe longer. Only thing I noted is it looks like they could have send more time in the engine room. Kudos to the owners for bringing this boat back to life.
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cammenga-north-sea-trawler-302143_5e4a93ee613d3e.jpg   cammenga-north-sea-trawler-302143_5e4a9408db851e.jpg   cammenga-north-sea-trawler-302143_5e4a9380ed2a6e.jpg   cammenga-north-sea-trawler-302143_5e4a945c7529de.jpg   cammenga-north-sea-trawler-302143_5e4a94ed27b51e.jpg  

cammenga-north-sea-trawler-302143_5e4a94bb3dcfce.jpg   cammenga-north-sea-trawler-302143_5e4a95541bfe0e.jpg   cammenga-north-sea-trawler-302143_5e4a962435e25e.jpg  

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Love it. A proper vessel. And a Gardner!!! Two years on the market would speak caution.


"When life gets hard, eat marshmallows”.
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It’s a lot of money for what is now an aging rebuild. Steel boats in the US, especially OLD steel boats don’t command a premium. In any case, the definition of overpriced is not selling. I’m sure the owners dumped an obscene amount of money into that boat. It might take another couple years to re-calibrate them as to what it’s true value might actually bring.

Personally, I’m in love with that boat. But not $350k in love and it’s on the wrong coast for me. Would be an epic trip to bring her around, but I don’t have a slip big enough for her.

I saw a 50 foot steel, much newer, with a Gardner, very capable, probably better condition. She went for under 150k. Even with the size premium, I suspect Migrant is still $100k overpriced. Tough reality. She’s worth a small fraction what they invested and she’s got a lot more depreciation coming after the next owner as every year that goes by, that renovation year gets further and further away, but the build date keeps taking increased focus. Tough optics.
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Why are you drawn to it?

Because it is beautiful, that's why. Overpriced but beautiful.

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It is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay.

Been around a bunch of refits and repowers. Almost never is the value of the boat increased by anywhere near the money spent. The best managed ones might see 50 cents on the dollar.

And 55yrs is a long time for rust to work its magic on a steel hull. Often a refit like this, if you snoop around in hard to get to areas, you find that 50yrs of accumulated rot that was not addressed in the refit. Buried under pretty woodwork, etc.

Sometimes if you find a pretty but old hull, the best thing to do is steal the numbers and build a new one copying the lines. That's what freighter owners figured out a long time ago. They do NOT do refits.

But she is pretty. May be in good shape too, but be very thorough in inspecting.
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For the same reasons you were attracted to Raquel Welch-in 1967. You have good taste and your hormones are still firing.
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It’s back on the market again? Or did it never go off?
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Originally Posted by Woodland Hills View Post
It’s back on the market again? Or did it never go off?
Don't think it's sold since I first saw it a few months ago.

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