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We are now surviving with 5% of what we had 35 years ago and feel like born again Christians
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Scraping Paint
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I've only used "new" means one trip only.
Air tight, which means best closed up in cold dry weather, no moisture in contents.

Had no problems, including an old book collection, artwork and leather furniture.

Maybe not valuable old music instruments 8-)
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My grandmother hid $5, $10, and $20 bills everywhere, making sure I’d look at every book, box and pocket.
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Originally Posted by sbu22 View Post
Headed to Texas - my experience with OS containers is: used containers are for sale for a reason - typically that they lack integrity and are deemed uneconomical to repair. Unless you can inspect the specific container (that assumes you know what to look for) and it's good, you'll probably get a heavy duty sieve.
Thanks SBU. The notion of bees, bats, bugs and birds filling the spaces inside the container quickly dissuaded me from that approach. Makes sense too that the new, tight ones go on ships, not on auction blocks.
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Business Opportunity: Dockside DIY workshops and on-site storage.
To avoid the high $ sites, do these at various places "off the beaten path", with no desireable view.
And, NOT the same as DIY boat yards. No haulouts, just a place to fix stuff on your floating castle. Gotta figure out the loaner tool thing. Reminds me of high school shop class.
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This is probably the touchiest subject for us. We've lived aboard 5.5 years and I can't believe the amount of STUFF this boat has swallowed up! I won't refer to my wife as a "pack rat", but she's definitely a "collector". And I need to give her some slack because she went through a house many fire years ago in which they lost virtually everything. So I think she looks at "stuff" differently than I do.

All this time we've had a 12x30' storage unit filled to the brim with more STUFF. Much of it things we haven't even seen since it was boxed up and placed in there. It's an ongoing debate between us on how to pare down, which essentially means deciding what to throw away. And for my wife, she just can't bear to make those decisions. So it's tough.

We are now at the point where we've spent thousands more in storage than we would spend to replace everything with new (granted, there is a difference between paying $140/mo versus plunking down $5-6,000 cash). Grrrrr!
Port Townsend, WA
m/v Traveler - '79 Cheoy Lee 46 LRC
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That's a very long link to Emily Ley's book; A Simplified Life.
My wife found it and read it. In two weeks time, my bookshelf contained 1/2 the books it used to. Our file cabinet contents shrunk to 1/3.
DANGER: if your wife gets hold of this book, and reads it, YOUR life will change. Probably for the better, I might add.
I'll have to read it someday too. Right after Bebe's passagemaker book, that I'm in the middle of.

Moonfish; I'll predict if your wife reads it, that storage unit will be GONE.
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Where do you store your stuff?

My (ex) wife was a pack rat, close to being a hoarder. Caused great stress in my life. I moved aboard the boat 97% of everything I owned excluding clothes went to Goodwill or trash. My wife got a townhouse that now I can hardly walk through or find a seat. You cannot cook in her kitchen. Stuff everywhere, mostly in unopened boxes.
IF I ever move back to a dirt house, other than basic furniture, I will buy everything I need at Goodwill as it will be about the same quality as the stuff I disposed of.
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