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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post
Blackstone... but cautiously.

Oil analysis isn't all that it's cracked up to be and I've seen some mistakes. It works best over time when you see trends and if you get a crazy reading, it could be just that.

I've had a few crazy readings over the years and won't do anything major right away. (Once I pulled and replaced three cylinders on an aircraft engine because of a false reading from Blackstone). So, I get other info, like temps, exhaust color, etc.

I've been using Blackstone for several years, but prior, used a smaller but more accurate guy in OK who retired.
Definitely should not be making rash decisions from a single sample. Good point. If you have a bad sample both Honeywell and Pratt & Whitney will usually just have you do an oil flush followed by 1 hour run check at which time you check the filter and chip detector. If good they usually just require a 50 hour resample. You'll really know its bad when you cut open your filter and find problems.

The best sampling is done when he filter and oil is sent in FYI.
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Late to the party, but Blackstone. Like their analysis of whatís going on plus trending.

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We have been using this service for 3 years. I like the reports and how easy it is to use...

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Oil sample testing/analysis

Michigan Cat in Shelby Township sells oil sample kits for $17 which includes siphon tube, collection bottle, postage, analysis, and emailed results. You will need to purchase an extractor that they have available. They do testing regardless of engine or genset manufacture. I have used them for the last three years...good source.
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R&G Labs in Tampa

I've used R&G Labs in Tampa. They do a LOT of analysis, much of it for shipping and construction companies and have a ton of experience with many different engines. Most of their clients are having them do longitudinal studies, following each engine over time to see what changes. They send all the supplies, including a pump and tubing. I was able to call and speak directly to the lab director about my results before buying my current boat. Great people, excellent service.
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We used a company named WearCheck. Dropped the sample off one day results emailed to me within two days.
We are in Hamilton, ON, and their office was in Burlington, ON, but their website show locations and has 800 numbers for both sides of the border.
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Blackstone, fast, complete, detailed and simple at less than $30.
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Originally Posted by ProMaritime View Post
Blackstone, fast, complete, detailed and simple at less than $30.
Blackstone absolutely for 14 years. If I need further information/clarification, I can actually call and speak with the technician. They maintain an extensive data base that they can used to reference readings from same bbrand engine with similar use and hours to identify the potential source for any sample anomolies.
Very, very satisfied with their services. For me they are the go to lab.
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Satisfied customer

Very satisfied with Blackstone Labs, detailed oil analysis for any engine motor oil or transmission fluid. I have used them for several years.
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Smile Lubriport Lab

I use Lubriport Labs in Houma, LA. No special reason. My engine surveyor used them so I continued. They do a lot of oil field work. No problem with my Yanmars and Onans. Couple of weeks turnaround. Do my gensets when the mood strikes/500 hrs or so. My mains every time I change oil. Just another option.
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most large towns have oil testing labs, lots of big trucks have their oil checked regularly...every catapiller shop does it! if/when you have one done, have them show you show to read`ll show ring blow by,oil used/added, all kinds of things...clyde
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Blackstone will analyze any fluid you send them. Engine oil, transmission fluid, rear end automotive grease, etc. I suppose they would analyze you windshield washer fluid if you had a reason.

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Originally Posted by Juliet 15 View Post
Who do you have analyze your oil samples? Do they analyze samples regardless of the motor make? I have DD 4-71s and Onan generators. Do places only do, say, Detroit motors, and others only analyze Cummins, etc?

I use Oil Analyzers Inc. You can order the pump and siphon tube from them as well as the bottle/mailer kit. I would not recommend going through a local diesel shop. All they do is add delay and in my case lost the samples.

Part of the mailer requires that you identify the type and grade of oil, as well as the motor make and model. They will issue a report that considers those variables.

The key is to repeat at regular (I do this annually) intervals.

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