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Where is best online resource to sell Old Marine Trader?

Due to health problems, we want to sell our old boat. Do we go with broker?, place online ?

Then we want to purchase a single level power boat. That brings more questions.

Can we place two ads here? one to buy and one to sell?

Thanks for all

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Right here to start.

Then there are other forums and organizations that have free classifieds....with cut and paste, pretty easy.

I got my boat off Craigslist...and have come across several cruisers this year that did too.

Online is great for lower priced vessels, but good brokers can be valuable too if it's a good vessel.

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To sell, we did both. We started with a few ads here, Craigslist, and a few other places (forums, local publications, etc.). And as to a plan we had from the start, after a few weeks moved to broker listings. Trust me, they will come out of the woodwork to get your listing. Pick one (or two) and have them either do a dedicated listing or an open listing on Yachtworld. The good brokers will list in several place. And while there is some validity to selling boats that are remote to the broker, I (and this is just a preference) would rather use someone local. A broker that will come look at the boat and be able to show it in person.

I would also reco that YOU write an extensive listing of not only the current condition of the boat, but all the work you have done and when. We even took our own pictures, but that isn't for everyone. Anyway, then let the broker choose what portion of the list and pictures their experience tells them will work.

In buying, the same thing applies. Do your homework. Find boats you want to see. I will be honest here, I don't always trust brokers (even someone acting as a buyer's broker) to always have my bst interest at heart. Call me skeptical, but that is just how I feel. I need the broker to negotiate with the sellers, be present during survey, and close the deal. There are some valuable searches they can provide, most especially for your first boat, but if you know what your needs are, you have probably narrowed your search to just a few boats.

Good luck.
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(NOT a trawler)
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An important question is, how much effort are YOU willing to put into the sale? If the answer is not "as much as it takes!" then you would be better served by getting a broker. Sell it yourself means that you have to be available to answer questions (by phone or e-mail) or show the boat pretty much any time. You also have to do all of the paperwork, probably hire an attorney to write a sales contract, and all of that. Or you pay a broker a percentage to take care of all of that for you.
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Purchased my Marine Trader from Yacht Brokers.
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The lower the price the more likely you can sell it yourself. For more expensive boats many buyers want a broker to handle the details. It may be very helpful to list with a broker who is very close by the boat. He or she can have a client come to see one boat and then tell them to look at your boat as it is nearby.
More than 75% of the people I talk to do not buy within two years.
Tucker Fallon CPYB
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I think on both selling and buying it's a matter of the price range you're talking about.
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Location is also a huge factor.
Boats are defiantly cheaper in Gods Waiting Room.
Sell it in a high value location.
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I can say that as a potential buyer, I am on Yachtworld a few times a week, and peruse Craigslist and even Ebay less frequently, and usually when I am looking for something else.
When I find a manufacturer/model that really fits my needs, I might do a Google search for it, and then, invariably, the search leads me to Yachtworld. Sometimes Boat Trader.
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We found our boat on Boattrader:

Pretty much up until that point I had looked on Yacht world, which is the domain of boat brokers. Ours was a far superior boat than other examples on Yachtworld, but YMMV. I think the advantage of BT, over Craigslist is the wider distribution, and the opportunity to put it in a better format for getting your message across.
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What kind of boat ? the suspense is killing me.
What size ? year ? engines ? price ? condition ?
Tom and Cheryl
1982 41' President
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We have a good yard that has a brokerage office, benefit is they will store it free until sold, handle the viewing and hauling for survey etc. Like others have said all depends what your want to put up with, some real crackpots out there.
All the best with your sale.

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