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When's it time to sell the boat

We have owned our boat for almost 6 years. We’ve cruised the ICW north and south and the Chesapeake. We’ve done the Bahamas and the Keys. Lived on the boat for 5 months in ’14 and 3 months in ’15. It took 3 years to chase the gremlins off the boat but it has worked almost flawlessly since then. I love this boat, goes fast when we want and has plenty of room for its size, at least for us 2. But I recently retired and I’m trying to justify keeping it. The cost is draining but not overwhelming.

My wife is a homebody and truth be known to some extent so am I. I use to enjoy woodworking but except for a few projects for the boat, that endeavor has largely been ignored since buying the boat. Being retired time is not so much of a constraint as far as doing the things I want. So I could keep the boat and do the things around the house, but the cost of keeping it is preventing me from doing other things.

I guess I should admit I think the boat is becoming boring. I lived and boated our local area for the past 25 years so at least for around here it’s the “been there done that” syndrome. Our favorite anchorage is clogged with derelict boats and the area has not totally recovered from the recent recession. The high end grocery store and some shopping areas haven’t made it back yet.

I have been looking at RV’s, maybe a 34 footer that will be comfortable enough to hop around Florida and then when the times right sped a few months touring the west. I found the challenge of operating the boat rewarding. Don’t think that will happen as much with an RV. My god I’ve heard they don’t even have chart plotters or an anchor, what’s there to talk and argue about?

I need a new car, my ‘01 Infinity Q45 is starting to show it’s age. So I’m looking at a toad. In the RV world that’s a car that can be towed behind an RV. My wife doesn’t want to sell the boat yet, and I don’t really want to either, but in the not too distant future …..

Tampa Bay
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Mr. tj. Not an uncommon occurrence. Things change and life moves on. The Admiral and I have discussed what the "next" boat would be and though we both thoroughly enjoy the vessel we currently have, we both agree the next boat will be smaller. 5 years? 10 years? Next year? Who knows but not a bad idea to think about "what if's" now.

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Been there done that. We did the "loop" sold the Monk36, found a nice used Airstream 25 Safari and spent three months seeing the National Parks and rving. It was great BUT it will never be as relaxing, rewarding, etc. as messing about in boats........
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I can only give you one word of advice, which is strictly based upon my own experience. And that is, if you are without a boat, after that long with one as an integral part of your life, then you will miss it more than you probably now think.
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Tough choice! One of my best charter customers was an avid offshore fisherman. Had an expensive canyon fishing boat. Got hooked on scuba diving and started spending his Saturdays on my boat. Talked to the wife about selling his boat. Wife said, " that's fine, but there won't be another one ".

Point is, your fully invested now. Can't afford to get back in if you decide you're made a mistake. I would do another boating season and make sure. Better to want to sell it than be unsure.

My friend / customer sold his and claims no regrets. He now charters fishing boats.

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We've been living aboard for years and know people who have lived aboard and moved back to a land home. Some, not all, wish they had stayed aboard. Some hang around the marina and dream of days gone by. Some say they would like to buy another boat but can't because they now have a condo or house to tie them down.

Be sure of your decision before you sell the boat.
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I don't see how any of us can really advise you on the timing, only perhaps a little on how to know. It's time when you and your wife are convinced. Life is a succession of changes and new directions. I have no idea what five years looks like and certainly can't say with any certainty how I'll feel about anything then. All I know right now is that boating has always been an important part of my life. However, is there a time that a small boat and local boating might fit? I can't predict.

You've got to wait until it's time in your mind. Then you need to change and don't second guess your decision. When you think about how you wish you were on the water, think instead of how much pleasure you've gotten out of the things selling it allowed.

We all face "you can't have it all" situations. Then we choose. We'd like to be in two places at once but can't. Right now we're debating where to cruise this summer. Well, there will be times we think of where we didn't choose but we are too positive as people to let the drag us down. We'll just enjoy where we are.

The choices we make aren't forever. Things change. You sound close to a decision to sell the boat, but you don't sound like you're there yet. I'd suggest you and your wife sit down and map out the next year or two with the boat and without. Don't just do it in generalities, but specifics. We would buy this RV and we'd go there. I would get this car. We would do these specific things around the house. Think of how all that feels and think as well how it feels to have a little financial relief.

If you haven't taken an RV trip, rent one and go on a short trip and find out how it feels.
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When I'm unable to board the boat, that will be the time to sell and give up the boat.

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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If you are getting bored with the boat and your wife is not, you are ready to get rid of it. Now you just have to wait on her. When the time comes, you will know.
Cruising the Eastern U.S. Inland Waterways and Gulf Coast. Presently on the ICW in Louisiana and heading Back to Texas.
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Gee, Tim: You're one of the real tell-about-cruising cruisers here. i'd really miss your posts about where you are now. I agree with Ted, that given the boat another year is me would probably tell the tale. Meanwhile, you and the Admiral can discuss anything you might have missed, or maybe even something that she secretly desires to go back and experience again.

"When life gets hard, eat marshmallows”.
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The RV does have 4 anchors, and it won`t change position while you shift to reverse to back it into a parking place.
I have this trite saying that as you go through life you find yourself doing things you didn`t think you would and not doing things you thought you`d always do.
In a way my experience is mirror reverse. Years ago I got out of sailboats because work demands stopped me sailing. When I retired I figured I needed something new as a hobby/interest/pastime etc, and went back to boating, figuring it would fill any unused time (and money!).
You probably need to keep thinking about it. If you are really not enjoying it anymore, after giving it thought, about how life will be after boating, the plus and minus,it might be time to do something you will enjoy more as you progress through life`s rich pageant.
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I can't tell you what you should do, but if I was in your position...and I see myself approaching that phase at some time in the not-so-distant future...I'd kick the can down the road about a year at a time. I'd rather delay an important decision and get it right rather than make a mistake and live with the regrets.

I'd much rather regret not selling my boat last year than regret selling my boat last year. The former is much easier to rectify and not nearly as expensive.
My boat is my ark. It's my mobile treehouse and my floating fishing cabin. It's my retreat and my respite. Everyday I thank God I have a boat! -Al

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I think the boat is becoming boring.

There's the answer very simple
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"So I’m looking at a toad. In the RV world that’s a car that can be towed behind an RV."

In our search it came out to be a Honda CRV.

The CRV has a chain that operates the cam , so no destroyed engine if the timing belt fails and no bills based on years installed to change it.

The CRV was the only vehicle we could find that was quality enough and had zero problems with flat towing.

4 wheels down towing just requires a tow bar ,( not a dolly to carry the front wheels), and also a car brake mechanism about a grand to stay legal.

Motor Home magazine has the towing rules and flat tow abilities of most cars on line.
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I know zilch about RV's and towing. Why can't you tow any car?
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I'm in the same boat.
Al Johnson
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Originally Posted by Tony B View Post
If you are getting bored with the boat and your wife is not, you are ready to get rid of it. Now you just have to wait on her. When the time comes, you will know.

Thinking about selling your boat is like sailing. The old saying goes " If your thinking about reducing the sails it probably is already too late". If your thinking about selling the boat just get it sold. Your wife does not carry the burden of keeping the boat up, you do.
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Capt. Tim, that is a shocker. You have just been on the boat for several months, and maybe need to step away for a spell. Boats have a way of getting into your life and pocket book. There is nothing quite like them. However, there are other things in life, and maybe it's time for those. Only you can decide.

I have recently sold my travel trailer, and bought a 25' Airstream. We have been doing both boating and RVing for a while. We will have to face the decision of when it is time to give up the boat. Not because of boredom, but that creeping thing called age. We are on the boat now in sunny Florida, and loving it. However, the time will be coming.

Lou has said, if we sell the boat let's do one more long trip to the Bahamas. We can't do that with an RV. There would be no more deserted beaches to "die for". It's a lot to think about.

The cost of entry into the RV world can be less, and the maintenance, insurance, storage, etc is much less.

Now, things to argue about in the RV world. Tow vehicle or toad, how to clean your black tank, ways to bust up the dreaded pyramid, class A B C fiver or TT, the ever argument of gas or diesel, boondocking or full hookups. I can tell you that the list is endless. We RV like we boat----seldom in groups, and go our own way at our own pace. You can do it either way.

One reason we got the TT is for attending the grandsons SEC football games. We are booked for all the home games at the local campground.

When we face the decision is still up in the air. 45 years of coastal boating experience is hard to walk away from. It is an integral part of my life. I guess when we do the RV more than the boat it will be time.
Don on Moonstruck
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When cruising life is simpler, but on a grander scale (author unknown)
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The transmission in a carv requires lubrication even in neutral.

In most cars the oil pump is on the input (engine) side of the tranny.

When it is on the output (Axle) side the tranny gets lubricated with the engine off underway .

Many American cars can be flat towed , but as the systems become more complex 8 speed automatic , keeping the tranny alive is harder.,

Yes they do make DC tranny lube pumps that can be installed if desired.

Selecting a toad is EZ with the RV magazine info.
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Before swallowing the anchor cruise the Great Lakes or inland rivers. I think the short season of boating on the lakes would make each new season a new adventure on a boat. The longer 9 month season on the rivers do that for those of us who keep boats on the rivers. Each spring all the waiting and the anticipation of the start of a new season keeps it fresh and exciting for a new cruise, a different marina and meeting new friends.
I used to dream of going south in the fall still do to a certain extent. I finally realized the 3 month break from being on the boat in the winter helped me to look forward to the beginning of each new season and seeing all of my boating friends again. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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Ron on Northern Lights II
I don't like making plans for the day because the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in the courtroom.
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