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Master and Commander
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Originally Posted by FlyWright View Post
I have cut-to-fit, easily removable carpet that's topped with soft area rugs. Below that is a soft-under-foot, sound-deadening carpet underlayment that's been a God-send called Soundown. My ears AND my feet are much happier these days. ...
Makes we wish I went bare foot on the recent day-cruise with you.

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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For real winter boat living carpets are a huge plus.

NOT wall to wall , but bathroom carpeting that can be cut to shape with ease and is machine washable.

When the ice and snow season is months long ,owners will pull off boots etc, but visitors usually want to not take the time.

Besides being another layer of floor insulation , washable rugs make real winter easier to endure.

Most will last a second season if needed.

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I liveaboard in the PNW and like carpet. Nice on bare feet, especially in the winter. Keeps the lower deck warmer. I have no problem keeping it clean. And I have a dog, too.

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TF Site Team
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The PO had wall-to-wall carpet in the salon, with rubber underlay, that prevented easy opening of hatches in the sole. So it had to go, and there was no significant increase in engine noise. I don't often raise those hatches as the ER has a low door off the master stateroom, but now that I just have a rug on the sole it can be quickly done. They will be easy to change, and I might do it next year.

He also had carpet fitted to edges in the staterooms, but fortunately not fastened down. I think its fine like that, in that area. He had enough leftover carpet for me to carpet most of the ER floor - not fastened down either. That's really great - my ER is not standing height, so carpet is really good for moving around in there as well. Seven years on, its still clean! Yes, I change the oil and fuel filters myself. Its pretty simple - oil and diesel belong in the engine, and not on the floor.

For those that cannot avoid spilling stuff eg list in post 1 - all I can suggest is some hand-eye co-ordination therapy!
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Our boat was originally carpeted... and we replaced that about two years ago, now, with even better carpet over a layer of Soundown. And in the galley and head -- with original Amtico faux wood flooring -- we had some cockpit carpet pieces cut and bound to size, same stuff we have in the cockpit and on the bridge.

Generally, I need the cushioning (dealing with aftermath of an injury 30 years ago)... and we don't find carpet care onerous. Just vacuum the main stuff, from time to time, or powerwash the cockpit carpet material.

There's some noise insulation benefit, as well... and the interior isn't as cold on winter days.

I could live with wood flooring if covered with area rugs... but all of our 15-20 "oriental" rugs (from Syria, India, Saudi, etc.) at home are too thin to provide much of a cushioning effect. Maybe common household carpet, cut to size and bound could work better...

South River, Chesapeake Bay
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I installed Sea-dek on the entire walking areas of my boat. Removed carpet that came with new boat. Feels great to walk on and dog likes it too. However, I am not sold on durability - I had issue with one part and dealer from Sea-dek told me sun through windshield caused the problem. Not sure I believe it but there we are.
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I also installed Sea-dek both inside and outside the boat, but I will still use carpet inserts for off season cruising.
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The standard AT comes with carpet through out the boat except for the head area.
The galley is part of the saloon and the entire saloon is carpeted. I bought and installed a spongy rubber runner covering the carpet in the galley area. Easy to wipe down after preparing a meal. Yes, all spill things as we cook. SMILE I did not believe it until I put down the spongy rubber stuff.
Even in south FL in the winter the wooden floors are cold w/o the carpet.
Did Noah have a get home-engine?
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We just removed all the carpet in our boat and are in the process of putting in Nautikflor vinyl flooring. We have a dog on board and this stuf is toough to scratch, not slippery unless you have standiing water on it, It is completely waterproof and stuff generally stays where you put it. It looks like teak and holly and looks like something that belongs on a boat. The downside is that it is expensive.

At least it will not absorb dog odor or any of the other strong smelling stuff that our old carpet would haunt us with.

I actually preferred the feel of carpet on my bare feet or (socks), but the admiral said "nope, out the carpet goes!" Not my hill to die on.

I have to admit that when I first saw this type of flooring in a boat, I was very impressed, thinking it was real, but equally impressed to find out it is vinyl. We still have our nice parquet flooring in the galley and fiberglas floor in the head and shower. In the V-birth, we will put something temporary on that tiny bit of floor, because we want to have that all reconfigured for more bed and less unnecessary room for a seat.
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Thanks for giving me the first big laugh of my day. I love a good rant!
Btw I agree completely.
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One thing everyone has failed to mention, getting traction during intimate encounter in a rolly anchorage or dock. Carpet helps. I still hate carpet on a boat.

What a pain in the transom.

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We found what seems to be great carpet for a boat. It's 2'x2' squares of trade show carpeting. Each square interlocks with others. It consists of a 1/2" rubber back and a 1/8" "pile" of polyester fibers individually punched into the rubber backing. This means it can be cut easily with a razor knife with no fraying. Being polyester, it seems impervious to stains. Spill a glass of red wine, no problem. Pull up that square, wash with soap and water, let it dry and put it back down. If you look hard you can see the interlocking pieces, but they're not objectional. Very comfortable to walk on and can be removed at any time for cleaning, etc. See at We have the dark gray and have been using it for over 5 years. At under $24/sq yd, it's reasonably priced.
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"Why would boat builders think this stain, dirt and allergen collection medium would be acceptable to their customers ? "

Maybe because their customers want it, maybe because others like things you don't. I've had both on boats and really don't have a preference. One plus to the carpet is your not mashing all that dirt, grit and sand into the wood floors.

As the old saying goes, whatever floats your boat.
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Originally Posted by Genecop View Post
The only thing worse than carpet on a boat is carpet in a bathroom on a boat.
Also known as a pee sponge!
"It's the tides. They can work for you, and they work against you. And, confidentially, I've had this problem with the tides before." Captain Ron
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The first time I had my two small grandsons (4 and 1) aboard for 4 days, I knew I had made the right decision to have Amtico in the pilothouse, salon and galley! Lemonade poured onto floor, cookies and crackers ground in underfoot... not a problem. Quick wipe up and the floor was good as new :-). And did I mention the one-year-old’s habit of dumping his plate on the floor (spaghetti in that case)??

42 Nordic Tug Spinner
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I have seen some over 100 ft boat that has carpet almost white. Of course, the owner does replace if frequently.
Did Noah have a get home-engine?
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I've had boats with both and frankly prefer the carpet. Warm, quiet, not slippery. I've never had it in the heads or galley, and wouldn't, but for comfort and coziness I'm a carpet guy.
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When we spec'd our boat for construction, we paid extra for teak and holly everywhere, but kept the carpet (since the credit back was minimal), with the result that the teak and holly is visible only in a few areas (galley, helm and heads). Turns out, we like the carpet.
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I'd rip mine out in a heat beat and put down EVA if I could figure out what to do with the bull noses on the stairs.
Changes in L'Attitudes
1999 Maxum 4100 SCA
Merritt Island, FL
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Ours has parquet in the galley. The balance was carpet. Our lifestyle and dog didnít make carpet a practical option. Now all carpeted areas are Lonwood teak and holly. After four years they look as good as new despite the sand , dog, my maintenance habits, etc.
Unbelievably tough stuff.

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