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Originally Posted by kthoennes View Post
Looking at the snow outside that won't thaw for another couple months, and given that we're about as far from salt water as a person can be on the North American continent, to have our boat floating at any marina right now sounds like paradise. Our marina may not be perfect but we still love it, but here are my thoughts in no particular order:

1. Continue to allow swimming in the marina; I know not all marinas do. Huge for the kids.
2. Not too picky or fierce about rule enforcement.
3. Peace and quiet, although Iíll put up with some noise and chaos past ďquiet hoursĒ in light of #2 above.
4. Decent showers and bathrooms (check).
5. Pump out that works well and consistently (unfortunately, all too seldom at our marina).
6. A good service department, although oddly at our marina most of my work orders seem to disappear.
7. Not getting gouged at the marina fuel pumps (wishful thinking, we get gouged, badly).
8. Decent parking relatively close so I donít have to drag tools or supplies or food or weekend junk 500 yards back and forth from car to boat (check).
9. Dock neighbors who take some care and donít live like yokels Ė donít leave electrical lines sagging in the water, rake out the junk floating in your slip once in a while, etc.
10. A marina store that actually stocks some common boat supplies, like a hose clamp (unfortunately also wishful thinking).
Wifey B: Wow, this thread has to be hard on you. Sunshine and you have snow. And all those marina things yours doesn't have but guess it says Location wins and we make do with less than perfect.

Now I had no idea any marinas allowed swimming other than in the pools.

Ut oh, I've fierce on enforcing rules but prefer very few. Don't make them if they're not important.
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Originally Posted by kthoennes View Post

1. Continue to allow swimming in the marina; I know not all marinas do. Huge for the kids.

Might want to reconsider swimming in marinas. Hereís why most donít allow it.
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I'm aware that some marinas allow swimming. Under the right conditions I approve. Unfortunately, many marinas have certain problems or issues which preclude swimming.

A) Lots of river current is dangerous
B) "Bobbing" heads and bodies are hard to see from approaching or leaving boats
C) In many marinas, the water is just plain dirty and full of floating junk, weeds, sticks,goose and duck droppings,etc.
D) TURTLES!! and to a less dangerous degree but almost as scary, Sturgeon and Muskey.
E) Almost all marinas have small fishing boats coming and going, usually looking for Muskey, they throw huge lures with nasty hooks.
F) While the bottom is generally sand at river marinas, dredged marinas will often have a muck bottom, nasty.. (I once lost my glasses in the shallows at a marina and doned diving gear to retrieve them, the bottom was literally covered with garbage, glass, boat parts, other junk,
G) Stray electrical currents, can be fatal.

If I or my family want a nice swim we use a marina pool or go a mile or two out, into clean water.

One man's opinion.

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Though our marina doesnít have many of the requirements that seem to be most desirable, we do have a pretty good location. Leaving hurricanes out of mix, we can see key Biscayne National Park from our slip and it takes less than 5 minutes to get aboard to leave and that includes deploying all the hurricane shutters.
Via iOS.
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A place to keep my boat... J/K

I'm lucky to have freshwater(spring fed), 8 miles to the ocean, awesome ship store(like really awesome), and reasonable rates(cheap for FL). I also keep my fishing boat there in dry storage.

Just about the only thing I wish we had was floating docks.
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Pump out at the slip or a poo-cart to wheel to the boat.
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Top 10 things at the dock.

#1: Good docks
#2: Good power source
#3: Good neighbors
#4: Clean water
#5: Wifi
#6: Pool and hot tub for my wife
#7: Protection from wind and wake
#8: Good club house for cleaning up after a long day of fishing
#9: Restaurants close to the docks
#10: Plenty of paved parking
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Two views on this:

Winter, long term moorage:
1.Safety of vessel: from adverse weather; from thief; from unexpected happenings (24/7 human security via walk-by and observation); secure docks
2. Good electricity; water & WiFi
3. Reasonable noise levels: not too many party animals; loud sirens and general traffic (Westview on Sunshine Coast a negative example of too much noise - ferry & road traffic)
4. Visual surroundings pleasant
5. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff
6. Allow live aboard
7. Allow reasonable work being done on vessel
8. Close by area to walk
9. Reasonable moorage price
10. Garbage; waste oil disposal

Transient basis:

1. Quality electricity, water and WiFi
2. Garbage disposal
3. Proximity to those things we want to do or see including shopping
4. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff
5. Cleanliness.
6. Culture of other boaters. My Admiral must be comfortable with down to earth people
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Well, it is hard to single out 1 or 2 things that are important, so really for us all these things are necessary for us.
1. Well Maintained Marina
2. Live Aboards allowed
3. Covered slip
4. City/Municipal water
5. 2-50 amp 125 at pedestal
6. Pump Out
7. WiFi
8. Clean shower facilities
9. Shopping and restaurants within walking or quick car ride.
10. Day and Night security
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Quality of facilities

1. Floating docks
2. Up to date electrical system with 50 amp
3. Secure docks, night time security
4. Adequate parking not far from docks
5. Responsive knowledgeable staff
6. Competitive pricing
7. Ample dog walking in area
8. Pump out at dock
9. Good wifi
10. Competitive fuel and other services nearby
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Swimming in marina

Especially dangerous in fresh water and well documented on the internet. The current to run on 30 amp light bulb will electrocute you and cause you to drown, stray current leaking from poorly maintained boats and marina power systems. Electrocution regularly is missed and reported as drowning due to ignorance of the danger of swimming in marinas or near other boats. Important that all responsible boat owners check their grounding systems do stray current leakage.
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Most important to me at my marina?

1) That itís a commercial fishing vessel harbour authority.

2) That it is freshwater moorage.

Those are what come to mind right now.
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That is protected against the coronavirus that will kill most of us

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Since we bought the new boat (still in Manly, Qld, while we finalise the paravanes) we have spent some time at the Nelson Bay and the D'Albora marina there; it's set up well, and very well maintained.

If you become a member (commit to a year) then you get a boom-gated parking spot for your car, a key-secure slip, access to 30 days a year reciprocal rights at about a dozen other D'Albora marinas around the country, and there is a travel lift and boatyard on site. Overnighting on the boat is not a problem, and rowdy live-aboards not a problem either, since (officially, anyhow) that's not legal in NSW. However, that restriction exists to give the local authorities the capacity to move on anyone who fails the 'attitude test'; the locals all move on board in holiday season and rent out their apartments to holiday makers, and make the annual slip costs that way.

We are looking forward to moving Anika J there soon.
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