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What do you do on rainy, windy days (Alberto inspired)

Wifey B: So, the weather isn't conducive to boating or any outdoor activity. You're housebound, whether on land or water. What do you do on those days to enjoy them?

At our house today it's a combination,

Some of us watching sports on tv. Some just talking. Some online. Some playing video games. Some pulled out board games and are currently on the floor in an intense game of Monopoly. Some cards. Some music. Normally when we have a large group, it's either the boat or patio and pool, but it's been interesting watching all indoors. Lots of eating.

Basically all just enjoying good company.

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While boating we call those hiking days, because if you wait for a nice day around here you'd hardly ever hike at all. Besides, it's a rainforest, so it looks beautiful in the rain!

Today I'm converting the old master bedroom in our house into my new darkroom for both silver gelatin and platinum/palladium printing

"The most interesting path between two points is not a straight line" Murray Minchin
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I have motorcycles in the basement. (apart)
Al Johnson
34' Marine Trader
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I would like to haven the problem of what to do on a rainy day at home. Too many projects, not enough time. Now if we're on vacation and have a rainy day, backgammon, train (dominoes game), and a few other board games are stimulating for a few hours. I actually like to walk during storms, especially distant thunder and lightning storms. It's stimulating, and makes you feel alive. Also a great reminder of how insignificant man is compared to mother nature.

I'm tired of fast moves, I've got a slow groove, on my mind.....
I want to spend some time, Not come and go in a heated rush.....
"Slow Hand" by The Pointer Sisters
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On the boat we drink a lot of tea and read fiction. John Grisham is my favorite.

I’m not good at hang’in out at anchor. I almost always want to go out and have a look. One thing leads to another ....... that’s how I almost lost my life in Dixon Entrance. A miracle I didn’t drown.

North Western Washington State USA
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A good book and a cup of tea and scones or cake whether at anchor or at home. A bit of TV and surfing the web as well. It generally just the two of us so nice an quiet.
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Some of my most favorite days are on the hook up some little creek with wind and rain and not another sole in sight for days.

The cabin on the IG32 is very very comfortable and warm no air of water leaks and after the engine has been running for a hour it becomes a massive heat sink keeping all the wood floors and timber warm. Then we read and listen to a little background music along with good coffee and tea
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I read , but for exercise rummage thru storage spots to find old friends , I saved for a rainy day.
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We always have a memorial day Party but today will be a bit different still grilling and smoking if no lightening the kids will be in the pool but it will be interesting to see what the adults will be doing
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Look for real estate in an area that doesn't get tropical storms.
Buffalo Bluff Light 28
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If we're home I read books on my Kindle. If we're on the boat somewhere I read books on my Kindle.
Mike and Tina
Beachcomber 1995 Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge
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We put on our rain gear and went fishing overnight yesterday. We can watch the rods from inside. Today we're cleaning up both the boat and ourselves.
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Wifey B: Today is the day after for us. We had many people here Saturday and different ones yesterday but today is a quiet day. Tabitha jumped in bed with us around 8:00 and we just talked until finally getting up at 10:00. Found left over pastries for breakfast since it's almost lunchtime. Not raining at the moment, but likely to have thunderstorms very soon. Just a nice quiet day avoiding all the holiday crowds. Probably go to our music room and just sing and play some this afternoon. One of our favorite escapes.

Also, thinking of those in the Baltimore area floods and those who may see floods from Alberto. Not about to complain because we're getting rained on.
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My girl and I cooked a pretty dang good breakfast at the marina house. Took a couple hours to cook. A couple of other girls joined us. I was the only dude present. Lots of girl talk going on!! A little wine came out too. Back deck has a roof so we hung out there telling stories and watching the rain.

Yesterday we took the Corndog and dink out to the inlet and anchored. I was the only dude on the boat then too, at least for a while. Later some friends tied up to the transom and hung out with us. At one point had four boats hanging off the transom and like 12 souls on the boat. Fun.

Took the girls to the sandbar on the (new to me) dink and on the last run back, the little Yamaha must have plugged up the carb. Started dying out and I kept it going with the choke. Then that was not enough and it pooped. A bud was going by and towed us back to the Corndog. Current was ripping by then, no way to paddle against it.

So I guess I get to clean a carb as soon as the rain quits....

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