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West Marine Price Match

Just sharing in case anyone here hasnít heard, but WM is price matching internet store prices. No questions asked thus far. Recent purchases:

5Ē fiberglass exhaust elbow $104 they matched for $70 with free store shipping in 2 days and just today I bought 6 5Ē t bolt clamps $34.95 a piece they matched the go2marine price I showed them on my phone for $9.61 [emoji16]

Just thought Iíd share! Iím pretty sure everyone likes to save a buck.
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Yeah, I was a little leery of it at first...I hate being "that customer"...but they have been bringing it up themselves and have responded cheerfully every time.

And, of course, since it's West Marine there is ALWAYS a lower price available elsewhere!
Anson & Donna

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~The Dalai Lama
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My nephew is a manager of a West Marine store. He reminds people all the time!
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This is great progress, but I really don't want the job of police their pricing for them. Nobody ever has the lowest prices on everything, but lots of merchants are broadly competitive with most prices mostly the same as others. One can quickly figure out who has reasonable pricing and who doesn't with a handful of spot checks. Again, I'm not looking for lowest pricing on everything, all the time. I just want a competitive deal over a collective handful of purchases.

Once a variety of price checks of WM's normal asking price come up competitive on a consistent basis, I'll be happy to resume doing some more serious business with them.
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West Marine Price Match

I used the price match feature 4 times when I was at the boat in Fl recently. Itís ridiculously easyó the cashier doesnít ask any questions. Probably too easy. I wonder how long it will last. I never did much business with WM unless I had to because their prices seemed to be about 20-30% higher, but this new policy changes things.

When at the cashier I showed them cheaper prices I found on my phone that with shipping charges the internet item was not much cheaper, but they never added the shipping charges. So again, I question how long they can keep this up.
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Vessel Model: Nordic Tug 42
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Last time I tried price matching at WM they would not do it because the flat solid foam fender that I wanted was a WM brand and the Amazon fender was another brand...but identical. WM wanted about a $100. My WM Pro card got it down to $84. i showed the clerk the Amazon website.

I ordered from Amazon and it was $29.95 delivered.
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City: Chicago/Montrose Harbor
Vessel Name: Sea Jay
Vessel Model: Non Trawler ;-) Ask me if it matters LOL
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I just did it on three items. Item had to be a perfect match down to color. I paid them 3.97 for their 8.95 electrical tape saved $10 on some Starbrite soap and one other thing. I walked around store and opened a new safari page per item as I went. I wouldnít bother for all items usually, but did this time.
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City: Marathon
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So far my card has given me better discounts that price matching. Can not believe the mark up and differants in price. Pitty the new boater who think that what it is , is the price. In ft Lauderdale there are several stores that you can shop and get a better price. B O W is my go to store, can get it today.
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Was shopping two items today between Fisheries Supply in SEA and West M: a safety line crimp tool and a tube of Life Caulk.

West M was 50% more than FS, and didn't have either item I wanted in stock, though showing on website. Fisheries rules!
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City: Boston
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Repairing numerous hull blisters on my IG. Purchased large qty of West System supplies. Priced everything online. West Marine was cheaper on most items so purchased everything there. Local shop now says he will price match West.
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Itís a tool in the toolbox. Use it.
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I have a West Pro account and so far they even do it comparing commercial prices
Skype roatan63
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City: Oriental N.C.
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i ordered some dock lines at west marine 69 o/o off they shipped 5 dock lines in 4 shipments . i think they may loose money on that one. i have bought several thousand dollars of items from them on sale this year. for less than i could find the anywhere else. boat parts for less has also got good every day prices.
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City: Ashland, MA
Vessel Model: 1990 Silverton 40 aftcabin
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West Marine now is trying hard to be helpful. Maybe because it has new owner (a private equity...Monomoy). I complained and complained last winter about a payment I made for renewal that did not happen. Last week I had an email from them, all is resolved now.

Yesterday I ordered a Life Line 2 on sale at half price. Someone here in the forum mentioned that they had a one day sale on that item. I am very pleased with
West Marine!
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Due to immediate self imposed "price matching" as well as enormous inventory and ease of getting parts... West Marine has again become my place to go! For in store shopping or orders over the phone!

I've been member of West Marine for well over a decade. Had basically stopped shopping there due to ridiculous pricing that had become standard compared to most other chandlers.

BIG WM store near our home and good sized WM near where we dock our boat, 100 miles from home.

Following is price match given over phone by WM attendant. All I did was ask for "best price match available"... she instantly did research for lowest costs on the net [Ebay, Fishers Supply, Amazon, Over Stock Supply and the like]. Lindsay [based in FL] took care of the price-match discounts and planned best total price with in-time shipping. Items mentioned below are due to arrive in a couple days at my door; so I have them to put onto boat during soon to arrive long weekend at anchor.

Here's what just happened for spending a few enjoyable minutes on the phone!

Magnesium Anodes: List price on left - "Price Matched" cost on right...

$27.99 ea. 4 - Shaft anode part number 5532668 - $22.53
$38.99 ea. 4 - Rudder and tab anodes 5533179 --- $12.73
$64.99 ea. 1 - Transom "Divers Dream" 1961200-- $44.99

That super easy to accomplish affordable marine parts deal is hard to beat!

800 262 8464 - WM # to call and place an order shipped to house or held at store.

Happy Boat-Parts Shopping! - Art
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