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Use tax...Please just take my money!

Well, for the second time MD has rejected my attempt at paying use tax. I am trying to be on the up and up and pay what i owe but they are making it increasingly difficult.

First they sent it back saying that the bill of sale...not a form persay just a written agreement between the seller and me, was missing the hull #. Apparently, it must contain BOTH the USCG number and the hull number. So after contacting the PO i was able to get an updated copy of this document.

Now they and say they need a complete abstract of title and proof that there is no mortgage on it.

I have the operating certificate and the PO's signed and notarized certificate but that is it!

For what practical purpose do they need it? what is on the abstract that isn't on the running docs.


i am going to try to go in person next week. so hopefully i can get it taken care of.

yes, i feel better now that i got that rant out.
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Hey...I skipped almost a year when the USCG sent me a document that didn't have the correct number on it and was going to make me pay for a reissue...and NJ wouldn't take my money either because of the incorrect number...

I wrote down everyone's name and reasons for their actions and my suggestions how to quickly remedy the a minimum a 3 way conference call on my phone...nope everyone was happy with no NJ waited an extra year for my money.
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Are you dropping the documentation and titling it in MD? That's the only reason I can see for them to want to see a title abstract, which, by the way, would show there are no liens on the boat.
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NO it is USCG reg and will remain as such. i am just trying to pay my use tax.

At this point if i didn't have a MD hailing port i may just try to dodge the tax man. I don't mind paying my fair share but it has be come the huge drawn out production to pay them.

to make matters worse...the instructions of what i am missing are scribed on a small piece of scrap of paper, in hand writing that looks like some sort of lost language.
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For $25 you can get an Abstract of Title and is worth having now in case you discover a past lien and can get it cleared with the seller.

You can pay for it with a credit card and the documentation center can fax it to you.

USCG National Vessel Documentation Center, Fee Page
Tucker Fallon CPYB
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You should be able to do this on your state tax return. Not sure why they need to know hull# and USCG # and abstract of title. If they need an abstract of title, tell them to get it!
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I went through the same mess at the Dundalk office. I finally gave up on them and went to the Annapolis office. Easy as pie! They are so much more friendly and helpful there.

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