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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
Very interesting HC. I suspect you were into hang gliding very early on .. say mid 70ís .. as was I. I flew an old 18í Chandelle standard that probably had coated wires. We needed the coating for all the crashing on the sand dunes. I flew that thing from 3000í mountians before we found our they were divergent. Did lots of whip stalls but never got really straight down. Iíve come closer to death in Dixion Entrance near Ketchikan.

Parks I think I may have dreamt that up on my own but Iím very flattered to know Danforth had the same idea. To be of benefit the bottom needs to be soft enough to allow the shank to penetrate the bottom. But goodie for us most bottoms in northern lats are mud and in southern climes sand so w any significant penetration there should be benefit.
I just thought I could even improve on it by putting the thimble through the anchor shank hole and swage it on the cable. But the cable may twist or bind or both.
Eric, did you ever play with a Danforth Deep Set anchor? They took the idea of skinny penetrates better to the extreme.

They used very strong alloys of steel which allowed them to make everything very thin. The shank was even spring steel so it could bend side to side.

I first saw it at a trade show. Danforth had made a scale model of the Deep Set and the High Test. They had a big fish tank full of water and sand. The little anchors had 1/16" cable with handles attached. First I tried the High Test. It completely buried it self but I was able to drag it through the sand. Next I tried the Deep Set. It buried itself and kept going deeper until I couldn't move it. This was about a 3" anchor. I was very impressed. Unfortunately they couldn't make them in large sizes. Over about twenty pounds all the shanks had a curve in them. I think it happened when they heattreated them.

Parks Masterson
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