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Trawlerfest in Balt

Anyone attend Trawlerfest in Balt?

I attended only ONE in 2007, the year we bought our boat. It was in Solomons MD. Had intended to attend in order to learn more about trawlers and possibly see some older ones (translated: IN MY PRICE RANGE). But we found and bought our boat in June that year, so we took it there for the week.

We were dissappointed. It was all big bucks new boats stuff. They did have the trawler crawl, which I thought was really great. Met some nice people and learned a lot from them on their boats. Many live-aboards.

I canceled my Passagemaker mag soon after this.

BUT, I hear that Trawlerfest has significantly declined. I know that as of the Thur before Trawlerfest in Balt, there were only 150 people signed up in advance. In contrast, our MTOA Northern Rendezvous in Balt had over 200 people in attendance and >80 boats.


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RE: Trawlerfest in Balt

I went on Saturday, a beautiful and sunny day. It was not too crowded and I got to wander through many boats. Since I have never been to a Trawlerfest before, I cannot compare the attendance this year to past events, but I think shows like this are down in general.

I wish there were more product vendors and reps at the show. I only saw a single tent with displays plus a few more who were showing products installed on boats in a slip.

I am glad I went, however. I definitely got my $15 worth of swag, brochures, photos and memories!

- Paul in Ellicott City, Maryland

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Trawlerfest in Balt

We went to Baltimore Saturday and Solomons last year.

I guess there were about 50 boats this year, all brokered from what I could tell.

There was a Nordhavn 47 this year and a Diesel Duck 462 (I believe it was "Peking") at Solomons. Just seeing them inside and out was worth the price of admission.

I didn't attend the trawler crawl. Can the general admission attendees participate?

>>We were dissappointed
Overall, I was too. It was as if 50 real estate agent were hosting 50 open houses on the same block. And if your not a buyer...

Chatting with owner/operators at a trawler crawl would be what I would be looking for in a Trawler Fest... along with the brokers/vendors of course. Being hastily escorted through one of a nearly matching pair of $3M yachts (too specific?) by a broker who recognized us as more tourist than buyer was kind of... uncomfortable.

Dreaming about building an Aluminum Kasten Coaster 40 (stretched to 45?/workboat interior?) in NoVA

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RE: Trawlerfest in Balt

I went on Sunday, it was cold and rainy and the crowds were small. I have also been to many in Solomon's. I've seen all the new & glitzy models and generally find them uninteresting.* I like to examine what I call the "character" boats.* These are some of the used boats for sale.* This year I looked closely at "Steel Magnolia", a 48' steel, Bruce Roberts pilothouse trawler.* Loved it!* One or two such boats seem to show up at each TrawlerFest.* I guess I'm one of the "looky-loos" because I'm not buying today and not in the immediate future.* I'm just filling up the mental database with info on what I like and can afford for when the day comes to trade up.* The old boats are also a great place to get ideas for improvements to my own boat.

I keep missing the Trawler Crawl, which I find to be the best part of the show.

I also go to the shows in the hopes of finding some deals in the vendor tents.* There was very little action there in Baltimore as was mentioned earlier.

The car show was an unexpected, and welcome, surprise.* Lots of Ferraris, some Lambos and a few Maseratis and Fiats.** It would have been much more enjoyable if it hadn't been raining.* But I cut it short and went home to watch football.
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RE: Trawlerfest in Balt

Mr. Lurker,
*In your avitar your boat is real close the shore.
*Were you aground?

I have wanted to nose my boat up like that I always chickened out. To far out in the toolies. No one to come and help but the USCG. Embarrassing if I did run aground

Your braver than I

I'm not worthy,

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RE: Trawlerfest in Balt


That picture was taken by the PO. And, yeah, it's a bold move to beach her like that.* The creek right behind my house has a very rapid and steep drop off to 14' of water so I've been tempted to try it myself.* My concern is that because of the thunderboats screaming up and down the creek, throwing massive wakes, the stern might get knocked around parallel to the beach and put the running gear in 18" of water!

I think the solution is to drop a stern anchor on the way in.* Which could also be used to pull yourself back off the beach if necessary.
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RE: Trawlerfest in Balt

I was there Sunday as well. Having been to the larger sailboat shows in Annapolis, Atlantic City and Norwalk over the years, I found Trawler Fest refreshingly small from the boat side. I think all but 4 or 5 Boats were on the plus side of 40 and most closer to 50 and up.

From my perspective, complete trawler neophyte, it was good to get on the wide range of boats from a Ranger Tug 29 to an 1989 Grand Banks 49, a DeFever 52 Pilot House and 50 MY, to the Nordhavn, and the Kadey Krogens (4 of them I think).

My take of the show in general is if you weren't seriously shopping, they'd rather have seen you in a few weeks at the US Power Boat Show in Annapolis with all the other riff raff.

I asked everyone I met, and to a person, they said this was the most successful TrawlerFest in terms of "sales" traffic (for what its worth Kadey Krogen had 2 LOI's). But the attendees I chatted with who went to the seminars thought they were a little weak this year.

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