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towing a RIB

Anyone have any experience "towing" a RIB in this bow down configuration. Link is from a houseboat forum & they usually go very slow. My vessel is a 3607 Carver aft cabin & we usually cruise at 8-12 kts., closer to 12 most of the time. RIB is a used Novurania 335 DL that weighs 571# dry with a 25 hp Yamaha. I'd fabricate a staunch cover to prevent shipping water aboard the RIB underway. We don't anchor but cruise marina to marina so same issues as towing - have to heave to prior to entering marina & get the dinghy close aboard. I'd put Weaver rings on the RIB, pull it up to the swim platform, swing the ladder up, secure the RIB transversely to the platform using the Weaver Davits & motor very slowly as usual into the berth. Anybody done this? How did it work out? Yes, a roll on or hoist davit would be a "better" solution but one that can handle the weight without removing the (heavy) motor costs more than the RIB. Fabricating a towing (or "dragging") ladder would be much less expensive, just concerned if it is a safe, reliable way to haul the RIB behind the boat.

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I would consider it only if I had a slow-moving houseboat on calm inland waters.

Anson & Donna

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I've seen that before and there's just something about that setup that I don't like. I can't really put my finger on it but it would have to do with the dink bouncing up and down at any speed above a no wake speed.
Mike and Tina
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I would think a following sea would put tremendous stress on the anchor points of the ladder/davit thing.

I suppose maybe you tow it normally until you get into a protected space and then switch to this ??

I can't see this as the primary tow method.
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popular with sailboats and done well may be one of the best towing setups.

if interested, investigate further....
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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
popular with sailboats and done well may be one of the best towing setups.

if interested, investigate further....
Not many sailboats doing 12 knots.
When you are down to 5 or 6, see it frequently.

I don't like having the dink in that position when manuevering in reverse at any speed but zero though.
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There are lots of hard dinghies that tow well. RIBs, not so much.
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I have an '82 3607. Were you thinking of towing from the center cleat or making a bridle from the port/starboard cleats? Either way your RIB will need to back a ways from the stern (70ft-80ft?) to avoid your wake or really close (25ft-30ft?) to ride on the top of it. I wouldn't want to leave my outboard on it either. It might just bounce off or break the transom. DAMHIKT.

Is your RIB too big/heavy to put on it's side on the swim platform? Mine has 3 baby cleats just for towing. They aren't really great for "at speed" towing, no backer plate to prevent them from tearing out. 10-12 knts puts a lot of pressure on them. DAMHIKT either.
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Welcome RaceRick and StarChaser.

Along with other comments, I would not use this set up over 6 knots. Along with the possible up and down, the dink may also move side to side. Easier and cheaper just to tow it with a 100' rope.
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Also the dinghy in the picture is less than 150 pounds and yours is significantly heavier. I have a dinghy similar in size and I would not tow it that way...ever. That amount of weight is a totally different animal.

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