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Topic Creep

Jennifer made a mark to be sure but TC is only a problem if you want to find something that was said 5 minutes ago or 5 days ago. The thread topic names are the first hurtle as they very frequently don't say much or even anything about what the thread is about ... or what it was intended to be about. Topic thread names like "Once Again" or "What do ya think of this?" say nothing about the thread topic. And then it frequently doesn't matter as TC will change it anyway.

The only part of this I really do'nt like is that I've got to click on most threads if I don't want to miss something I'd prolly not want to miss. Frequently I'll see a thread like "Barbecues on board". I'm not interested in cooking on a barbecue so normally I'd not click on it but I find that frequently the discussion will not have anything to do w barbecues and it's about one of my primary interests. So ya can't find stuff that has already been and you can't find stuff that is presently going on.

Sounds like I'm unhappy I spoze but I'm not. Plenty to engage in but things could be better. Wer'e really just like a bunch of guys at Cheers sitt'in around chatt'in about this and that .......... notice the "and that". TC will happen.

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LOL basically it boils down to, everyone must read EVERY SINGLE POST in EVERY SINGLE THREAD lest one miss something of personal interest. Or just something worth as so many seem to be lately. What's up with that... ooops, TC!!!

The mods are more than happy to split threads if we can catch the TC early enough. Please feel free to use the report a post feature if you would like to request a topic be split out.
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