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Originally Posted by rwidman View Post
They have those contests on the Chesapeake Bay in several different places.

Of course if you run the same boat six or seven days a week for thirty years, you ought to get pretty good at docking.

Oh yeah.
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While it might be more fun and a better challenge to string your way in and out of a dock, but if we look at docking a boat from a systematic view, it would seem that a properly sized and installed thruster is more reliable and uses less manpower than warping and springing lines.

Maybe that is why ships use them.

Not too much different than a modern automatic transmission. They are more reliable and are faster than manuals. It was the opposite not too long ago. Just like thrusters.
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I would have twin pod drives along with fore and aft thrusters if I could afford them. Why not?

Single inboard with no thruster and manage to tie up without drama but am all for technology and thrusters are hardly "the latest" tech. Fairly well proven, tried and true some might say. Go for it is my vote.

At best my Owens might support a stern thruster as I really doubt there's enough room for a tunnel out front. The external bow thruster would have a short life in my gunkholing area and too much drag penalty on my planing hull IMO.

As for a reason to install one... A fat enough wallet is the only justification needed for any boating related purchase, again IMO. That and they look pretty darn handy.

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I don't even have a sextant aboard, I have paper charts and they stay stowed. I have spring lines also, but I use my thruster.....hummmm...I agree, use em if ya got em.
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I always find it curious that thruster threads tend to polarize without really people trying to.

I really can't remember anyone saying they wouldn't use one if they had one or take one out....if they did have one.

Maybe one or two posters are really anti-thruster...but I believe the vast majority of people that endorse knowing how to dock without them or suggest to know how to use springlines or personally like to practice without them....really do like them and use them if they are available.
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