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Through Panama East to West

Hello folks,

We are considering an East to West transit (Fla - CA) and looking to tap into some experience for preliminary planning purposes. If anyone has resources you could point me in the direction of, (Blogs, books, vLogs etc.) it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


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Going FL to CA is North to South. I have transited it three times in BIG ships. But gathered from the experience that the North side (Caribbean) is scuzzy (would not let us go ashore there) but the South end (Pacific) is not much better. That is the sum of my experience.

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Send a PM to Richard on Dauntless, his screen name is Wxx3 he just did that transit on his Kadey Krogen 42 last year.
Mike Barge
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Many blogs of sailors transiting it, post this is cruisers forum which is mostly sailors. From all I've read it appears having an agent who handles paperwork and line handlers is a much easier first time experience, not to say you can't do it yourself....
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Don't forget Youtube. "Untie the Lines" is the title of the one I watched that included a Panama canal transit.
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Our experience going through the canal as well as in Panama was great. It can be done with or without using an agent, but I recommend an agent for expeditious, trouble free transiting. Saves headaches in finding tires, line handlers, and in scheduling. Probably saved us a few days. Also, can help you not have to pay the buffer and wait for it to be returned.

Hard to say costs, not knowing what size boat you have. A typical 50' will cost about $2100 without an agent with $800-900 or so returned after you transit and don't cause damage. Using an agent pushes the cost up to $1600 or so.

Costs include transit fee, inspection, security charge, buffer (if no agent), tires and lines, line handlers, food for canal authority adviser.

Noonsite is an excellent initial resource to familiarize yourself.

Agents run around $400. Ours was more but we used ours for many things from leading us through Carnival to assisting guests flying in and arranging transportation.
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“Gone with the Wynn’s” on Facebook recently sailed it in their Cat. I believe there is blog and video on it as well on their page and blog.

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