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Thinking of buying a CHB 34 or 36 Tricab

I am interested in purchasing a 34 or 36 CHB Tricab but never have been inside one of these vessels. I would like to simply see the inside and if possible hear the engine run. Sort of like "Trying it on For Size" so accordingly I would be considering vessels based in the general Fort Lauderdale, Miami or West Palm beach areas. I currently own a 30ft sailing catamaran and have previously owned a 32 ft Grand banks (Too small) and a 42ft Grand Banks (Too big!)

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The 34 is a great boat for a summer cruise. You run short of space when you start changing seasons. At the end of the summer you are glad to stand up straight when going though doorways.

The 36 is much larger than 2 extra foot would indicate without being too large to handle. I've been on a 38 and it felt ENORMOUS.

Al Johnson
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I've been aboard both as friends had the 34s and the 36s.
Big difference as Alormaria points out. The 36 has at least one more foot of beam.
34 is 11'9"
36 is 13'2"
plus the extra length. THe beam adds a lot of room including in the E.R.

Listings for examples below.

34 specs

36 specs

Don't let the names fool you as those hulls were the same for many so called different brands. Just the details of how they were finished inside and the equipment aboard.

You need to see them to understand the difference.

I can't help you with the seeing though as I don't have one and am on the wrong coast.
But check listings as they will show up but you will have to make the trip for comparison.
Good luck and happy hunting.
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Many Marine Traders were built by CHB so you might want to look at them also.
Buffalo Bluff Light 28
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Reply's and wise council contained therein are greatly appreciated.

Some Comments:

When using the length of a boat to assess its comfort/ convenience levels I think it also is prudent to consider the size and mobility of the likely occupants. What would feel cramped and and uncomfortable to somebody who is say 6'4" tall, weighs 300lbs and suffers from joint stiffness might seem very acceptable and comfortable to somebody who is say 5'10" tall, weighs 165lbsand has no mobility challenges. In other words the size of the boat is not the only factor so the assessment is very much an individual one.

I also very much agree that a mere 2ft extra length and 1+ft increase in beam is (ie less than 6%) will result in a boat that seems inordinately larger. (Of course these absolute figures only apply to boats in this size range).

Also to my relatively untrained eye I do not see much of a difference when looking at photographs of the 34ft and 36ft boats. Hence my desire to "try one on for size".

It seems like I will need to increase the search area to at least something that can be accomplished in a day's driving as that would open up the Florida Southwest coastline.

OTH I might just concentrate on the 34ft vessels since I weigh about 165lbs am 5'10" tall and although having been born towards the end of the first half of last century I have been blessed with good health (so far!) and the sense to maintain it.

Once again thanks for the replys
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