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Teak & Holly Floor

I started looking at Mainship 34's. Nice boat, would definitely be a comfortable boat. Two things I don't like about them. 1) The electric stove w/o an oven. I can add a propane stove with an oven. Not a deal breaker.
2) Carpet. I hate carpet. I don't like it in my house or the boat. I would prefer Teak & holly with an area rug. The floor is marine grade plywood. I have worked with 3/4 Teak & Holly plywood. It's very expensive. I guess, what to do for the edges would be a question. Solid teak bonding around all the edges of the plywood? It comes in 4 x 8 sheets, I guess where to put seams would be another issue.

Has anyone used that fake teak? They put it in a lot of new boats these days. The new Nordic tug uses it and the Sabre Fast Trawler also uses it. Is that 4 x 8 sheets? Is it independent boards?

Should I just learn to live with carpet?

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I think the Sabres are still real wood. My Back Cove has the fake stuff. It looks similar to the laminate wood floors you see down at Home Depot. Easy to clean and doesn't scratch. The largest piece is over the engine access hatch, probably 4 feet wide by five feet long. I can take a couple of close up pictures so you can get an idea of how it is installed if you're interested.

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Take a look at Amtico, great stuff. Lonseal has a lot of fans too.


LONSEAL Flooring: LONWOOD MARINE - <b>Lonwood Marine</b> is Lonseal's high-performance, slip-resistant marine safety flooring. Our wood looks come in both matte and glossy styles, and have <font color="red">color coordinating trim</font>.<br> <br><p>

"There's the Right Way, the Wrong Way, and what some guy says he's gotten away with"
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What George said.

As usual.
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I have the Lonseal fake stuff in my Mainship 34. The PO installed it Looks ok except he got sloppy with the 2 part epoxy adhesive. A friend just redid his 42 Uniflite with 3/8" thick teak and holly plywood. (it's not holly, just a lighter wood, I think maple) He glued it down. Very challenging, it comes in 4 x 8 sheets. All hatches and hatch openings were trimmed with solid teak. It looks awesome. The T&G boards and strips wood be easier to install but man is it expensive!
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I installed 1/4" teak and holly over 3/4" plywood. I was careful and only had one seam. The rest were broken by adjusting the sheets to fall on hatches which were trimed in teak and the galley.

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North Pacific 45
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Originally Posted by chester613 View Post
Has anyone used that fake teak? They put it in a lot of new boats these days. The new Nordic tug uses it and the Sabre Fast Trawler also uses it. Is that 4 x 8 sheets? Is it independent boards?
Our '08 34 HT has synthetic teak / holley in the salon. It is Lonseal or similar product. It's available in 6ft wide rolls cut to whatever length you need. Our 34 has no inside hatches so seams are not a problem. Lonseal sells edging that can be used for hatches etc.
I like the look and it is easy to clean... agree throw rug / runner is the way to go

I have installed PlasDeck teak/holley on the aft & side decks. I made the template and had the mfg provide the completed panels. They plastic weld the 3 board wide strips and margin boards around the edges. Some other mfg I checked glued the panels and/or margin boards. Installation was straightforward but I'd recommend having 1-2 others help. I am in the middle of doing a write-up of the plasdeck installation but will attach some b/4 & after pics. Plasdeck runs approx $35/sq ft for the factory made panels.
The PlasDeck looks great, easy to keep clean and we've had many comment they thought it was factory done vs DIY.
Whatever you do post some pics when you do it.
Good Luck
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2008 MS 34 HT Trawler
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