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Taras wrecked on the beach in Avalon

Well, I'm sad to say that the bigger boat on the beach in Avalon is indeed mine....Taras. She is a heavily built 52' Kha Shing custom.
All hell broke loose there on 12/30/14. Was dead calm sitting on the back on the boat enjoying a cigar and a bourbon, then the wind started. As the NE wind built, so did the seas. Avalon harbor was totally exposed and so were all of us in the harbor. I tied up to two 60' moorings.... Front and back. Had plenty of space around me and as I inspected the brand new 2" houser loops on the bow lines, I thought Taras was well secured. I was wrong.
As the 10 foot breaking rollers came thru us, my crew became seasick. I listened to Ch 12 and boats were breaking loose all around us. People were in panic as large and small boats crashed into each other. Several boats came loose and broke up on the rocks. Sailboats sunk where they were.
I got the crew off the boat and got us to a hotel on shore. I didn't sleep a wink in that hotel room as I listened to the wicked wind blow. I could hear the sounds of crashing boats in the background. I got up at 7:00 am and saw that Taras had come off the 2 new moorings and was on the beach....aground. The entire starboard side is crushed and caved in. She must have been pushed into the pier. I watched the large waves continue to beat and flood Taras. The sheriff dept would not let me aboard Taras to survey the damage due to the fact that 2 people died.... They were treating it as a crime scene of sorts. With nothing to do or see, I headed home on the flyer, glad my crew was safe and without harm.
I thank the harbor patrols bravery and service. They got us off Taras in very difficult seas. So sad to hear of the lost lives.
The vessel assist is telling me of several feet of water inside the boat. The strong Kha Shing hull is intact. Unfortunately, the house is extensively damaged and the boat may be totaled.
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Sad Greetings,
Mt. T. So sorry for your troubles but as you said your crew is safe. All the best.
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Taras I am truly so sorry

and very sad to hear the of the lost lives
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Taras wrecked on the beach in Avalon

Oh man that's terrible. But like others already said, a boat can be replaced while lives obviously cannot. Glad y'all are safe.

Really sad others lost their lives during this storm.
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Ugh. Feel your pain.
Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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Really sorry to hear that Taras, but we're glad you're safe.
Just be nice to each other, dammit.
The Adventures of Sylphide
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How awful...

Hope the sound of those winds don't haunt your dreams for too long, and that you and your crew can begin making enjoyable boating memories again in the near future.
"The most interesting path between two points is not a straight line" MurrayM
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Sorry for the loss of your boat but glad you and your crew are safe.
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Absolutely amazing, Taras! So glad you and your loved ones are safe.

I can hardly imagine all you went through. Thanks for sharing the info with us. Please keep us updated.
My boat is my ark. It's my mobile treehouse and my floating fishing cabin. It's my retreat and my respite. Everyday I thank God I have a boat! -Al

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Sorry to read this Taras, very sad indeed.
However, I feel more buoyant to hear your crew are safe.
Please keep TF informed as things unfold.
Andy & Julie Nemier
Nordhavn 62 - INFINITY ∞
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All fellow boaties would know how you feel and commiserate. The loss of one's vessel must be a real blow.

I was reminded of this even as we came back to our berth here today, when as we approached our finger, the local marina fellows were manoeuvring a clearly burnt out shell of a once lovely 52 footer, in the direction of the travel lift to remove it from the water. Apparently, we saw later on the TV news, it caught fire when he was side-on towing a smaller cruiser back to base, and actually both vessels were lost, and this on a perfect day weather wise. Cause at present unknown.

I guess you can't be too careful, although clearly you did all you could. Must have been a really freak storm.
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My sympathy for your loss of a boat, and congratulations for having the sense and foresight to get you and your crew off the boat.
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What an overwhelming string of events....and even more to keep your head while getting to shore. Very sad. Hope somehow that some positive light appears quickly in your boating future.

"When life gets hard, eat marshmallows”.
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Taras, I'm sorry for your loss but thankful you and your crew are safe. Insurance can replace a boat. Nothing can replace a lost loved one.
Mike and Tina
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Your foresight is getting the crew off is to be commended. You probably saved them from injury or death. What a horrifying experience. It is terrible that two lives were lost. Best to you as you sort out the damage.
Don on Moonstruck
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When cruising life is simpler, but on a grander scale (author unknown)
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So sad to lose a beautiful boat! But happy you and the crew are safe. If you insured the boat several years ago, before the crash in prices, you may find yourself with plenty of money to replace your boat. Please let us know how everything works out!

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This is so hard to read - I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel. Your decision to leave Taras must have been so hard and yet it likely saved lives.

My heart goes out to the families of those who died.

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I can't imagine the panic in that tight harbor

Good decision to go ashore. Unfortunately this scene repeats itself over the years in Avalon harbor. I'm sorry for your loss, I hope you have enough insurance coverage to replace your boat. I'm a little surprised that the harbor master didn't issue a recommendation to leave the harbor and relocate on the back side of the Ismas. The weather reports we got in the news indicated a huge low over Nevada extending the length of Washington, Oregon, California and into Arizona with high winds predicted out of the North East. This would mean directly into Avalon harbor. Just like a Santa Anna you guy's get in the fall. Winds in The Serra's were predicted to be in the 60's with gust measured at one point at 140 knts. 30 knts of wind directly into Avalon would be a problem I would think. I'm not being a critic, I'm just trying to understand in this day and age of weather prediction in California how being caught in this harbor in these conditions could happen. I'm sorry for your loss, however I think the harbor authorities may have let you guy's down. There were no warnings issued?
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We all must accept responsibility for the outcome of our decisions. I don't know if repositioning the boat would have been possible or how sudden this storm arose but not to second guess the harbor crew getting people off may have been better than encouraging them to leave in the face of that storm.
It really surprises me that a storm of that magnitude would not have been forecast well in advance these days.
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