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Tank Shocking Question

Does anyone see any downside to this variation of the standard fresh water tank cleaning process? Were about to leave the boat for two months. I would like to put the bleach (1/4 cup per 15 gallons) into the tank and run through the system before we depart and then just leave it. When we return, Ill run all the water out of the tank, refill with vinegar added in the proper proportion, drain, and then fill the tank. It is a fiberglass tank.

Roger and Patsy
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I'm not a rocket scientist but I don't see a thing wrong with that. I'd suggest you run the water level in your tank down to a minimum so you only have to put in a small amount of bleach and then in the spring only have to run a small amount of it out to completely drain it.

I use the bleach in the spring with just a few gallons of water in the tank, and leave it sit for a couple of days. Then I empty the tank (running everything out through the faucets). I fill the tank with fresh water and run it through each faucet until I can no longer smell or taste any bleach.

Mike and Tina
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It will take quite a bit of water to flush any hot water tank
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If your fresh water tank is aluminum, leaving it with a weak bleach solution in it for an extended period is not a good idea. Bleach corrodes aluminum.

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Bad idea. You need to do TWO things--1.prepare the boat to sit...and 2. Recommission its systems for use when you return. You're trying to do them backwards and not a very good job of either.

Bleach is highly corrosive. Which is why, if you've read the directions for recommissioning a tank I've posted here many times, you've seen that the bleach solution remains in the system no longer than 24 hours...'cuz that's as long as any "purifying" properties last, leaving only the corrosive properties behind.

So just drain the tank or top it off, when you're ready to let the boat sit...then recommission the fresh water system when you return.

You haven't asked about how to leave your sanitation system. Pump out and thoroughly rinse out the holding tank (I've recently posted instructions for doing that in two "winterizing" threads here). Also rinse all the plumbing out, especially any overboard discharge pump and related plumbing.

You can find instructions for all of this in the archives here...but they're also included both in my books (see link in my signature--just click on the title) and a WHOLE lot easier to find in either of them.

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Frankly I'm surprised that a 2 month vacation requires a recommisioning of the water tanks. I store my tanks full with municipal water (has a chlorine content), then drain and refill before the next trip.

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Dunno if Peggy (HeadMistress) still hangs out

Here's a "Best Of"

Also check cruisers forum
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Bad idea. Last time I did just what you describe was many years ago and I had to replace all the hot and cold faucet washers on the galley, head, and shower faucets, the freshwater pump diaphragm and the macerator pump impeller. Then I learned that the bleach may cause rubber components to swell.
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Originally Posted by john61ct View Post
Dunno if Peggy (HeadMistress) still hangs out
Please see post 5 above.
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[Blush] Dunno how I missed it, hey Peggy

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