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synthetic oil

hello i was wondering does anyone use amszoil synthetic in their motors when i owned a truck i ran it in my trans and rears cause loaded pulling steep grades the temp still stayed cold when everyone else on the radio was saying they were getting really hot. also i know they did a study put in a motor and didnt have to change the engine oil for 400,000 miles or more just did a oil analysis at regular changes of the filter and replaced filter and oil it took for that. seems that would help to keep engines to run cooler. and i know i tried to get a fire going one time when i got it started i threw some of this oil on it just like putting water on it because of the flash point. just wondering

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I've run it in gensets with their bypass filters and love it.

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Synthetic oil does lubricate better than dino oil, but no modern engine has ever worn out bearings due to lack of lubricity if they used manufacturer specified dino oil.

The other benefit for synthetics is because it doesn't oxidize as bad, as you note you can go a long time between changes. But diesel engines need to change their oil due to fuel and soot build up. I wouldn't go beyond 200 hours on any oil, without checking for those parameters.

So, you can use it, but you won't be saving your engine or your wallet.

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And that is where bypass filters and oil analysis come in.
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Agree w/ David

Here's the best write-up I've seen re: oils for MARINE Diesels.

I've found a lot of studies for truck / auto diesels but they have very different requirements due to the modern pollution systems NOT found on boats.

I strongly agree with synthetics for gear boxes etc that don't have the contaminants that internal combustion engines contain / contribute to the lube.
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I like synthetic oil for the manual transmission in my Dodge pickup which now has 410,000 miles on it. Think I change it every 100,000 miles. On my trawler I use straight 30 weight Rotella non synthetic oil. When I bought the boat, I had oil analysis done on the transmission and it found elevated sodium (salt) content. This most likely came through the transmission cooler (which I replaced). Doubt I will do yearly oil analysis on the transmission. So at least yearly oil changes on the transmission is cheap (5 quarts of oil) insurance on a very slow leaking oil cooler. Don't see a big advantage to synthetic oil in transmissions if they are lightly loaded and you don't plan to extend the change interval.

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When ultralight flying I recall that Amsoil didn't do well for the two stroke snowmobile engines typically used.

I 'd use Mobile-1.
And the reason your synthetic oil put out the fire is because synthetic oil is not oil. And that brings up the fact that while selecting synthetic lubrication products choosing this brand or that can make a huge difference in the properties of the lubricant. The base stock in brand A may be way different or even completely different than in brand B. One of the reasons I like dino oil is the assurance that one brand is basically the same. The word basically has a strong meaning here as there could be nothing the same in two cans of synthetic lube.

I will use synthetic lube only in applications where excessive heat buildup is a problem. That's certianly not a problem with trawlers. However for those that have turbos some parts of the turbo is frequently lubricated by the engines lubricant (oil) so there is the potential for excessive heat buildup. I'd depend on the owners manual for this application. But if you never go above 50% load ..........

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ok thanks all for the input really good advice here newbie sam
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Mobil 1 0- W30 in my 8500 rpm sports car

Denlo 30w dinosaur juice in the Perkins
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I use Magnatec diesel in the boat, and the car petrol version in my car, of the cold start-up protection. My car is 26 years old and still uses no oil between 10,000km services, and the boat similarly and it's 40 years old - appears to work for me. They are I semisynthetics...

Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil -10W-40, 5 Litre - Supercheap Auto Australia

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