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Steadying sail

I have a 36 albin what measurements are needed to have a steadying sail made

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Do you already have a mast in place? If so, measure the foot between the two attachment points- E in the pic below and the height P between the two attachment points.

If you don't have a mast then you have to install one and they require some careful engineering as the loads can be high.


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You'll also need to think about the angle between the mast and boom, if there is a boom at all (you can rig the sail without one. Unlike sailboats, many trawlers set the boom cocked up at the end. Then you will need to tell the sailmaker how the sail will be attached to the mast and boom. Will it have have a free luff, attached only at the head and tack, or will it have slugs, slides or shackles? How about roller furling? Likewise, will it have a bolt rope along the bottom or will it be set loose-footed, attached only at tack and clew?

You'll need to firm up the idea behind the purpose of your steadying sail, which is generally cut flat and with a straight leech, though there certainly can be battened sails with a roach and full-bodied sails which draw, too. Is it mainly to dampen rolling? To reduce tacking at anchor? Or do you want some thrust from it?

As has been said, the loads imposed are enormous; is your rig strong enough to carry sail?
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Mr. K. May I ask why and how you are planning on using a steadying sail?
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Many of the Albin 36 trawlers came from the factory with a mast and boom. From what I've seen the masts are very short and the boom slightly longer than the mast.

If your rig is the standard Albin set up, putting a sail on it will look good, and will help to control boat movement at anchor, but it won't make a big difference to dampen rolling. This is due to to the limited sail area, and because the Albin trawlers have a hard chined hull. Steadying sails have much more effect on a round bilge hulled boat. There will be some improvement, but it's somewhat debatable if it's worth the cost and effort.
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