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Rescue tape. The stuff that seals upon wrapping around itself. I used it to secure an engine hose pin hole leak. It happened offshore so no stores nearby. Travelled 125 miles with the tape around the hose back to port. I always carry at least three rolls in addition to many of the items previously noted.

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Printed hard copies of anything you go online for.

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Your spares...

I have twin JD 4045s. In my first 1,000 hours, I lost both raw water pumps. I suggest having a new or rebuilt raw water pump ready to install. I installed one while underway across the Sea of Cortez. It is a LOT easier than changing the impeller. Then, when you're at dock you can have the water pump rebuilt and ready as a backup.

The first one that went out was under warranty and it allowed for a new replacement as a back up.

You'll also need plenty of Racor filters, 30 micron, and enough engine oil/fuel filters and oil to change out two or three times. I say 30 micron because JD insists that using a 10 or 2 micron filters will burn out the fuel pump.

Ditto for your NL... I lost my water pumps on my current Westerbeke and my prior NL.

You might have to clean out your heat exchanger if your impeller is chewed up.

Because of my travel in remote areas, I carried far more spares than I needed and I still have them in the box. If you carry a spare raw water pump and the oil/fuel filters, you should be OK.

Kyle Hunter
currently lying Washington DC
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J.B. Weld... the second most useful element in the universe after duct tape
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With years on the hook doing charter may I suggest AND

* Lift pump for main engine - they ‘never’ fail however I have replaced 2 underway on ford Lehman 120
* sea water impeller for main - best to have a spare pump ready to go to lock and load / spare impellers for gen set
* impeller kit for dingy outboard and make sure to have installed a good in line gas filter. Bring carbearator cleaner to clean jets
* plenty of steering oil and transmission oil
* belt dressing spray for slipping belts (magic)
* marine Tex
* underwater patching compound
* an underwater light and a good knife and mask.
* duct tape / bailing wire
* gasket goop / lock tite

Common failures so nice to have:
* spare sea water pump for A/C units
* spare statrter for main
* spare alternator and belts

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