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So What Boat Stuff Did You Get For Christmas?


Me: new Sperrys. Pair of waterproof speakers for the cockpit. Body Saver mat for the fly bridge helm. New ensign. Book; Atlas of Remote Islands (fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On and Never Will).

Her: Safety Gear Bag (floating ditch bag). New Speedo boat shoes. Set of nautical theme acrylic wine glasses. Nautical table cloth, napkins and napkin rings for the pilot house table. Battery powered ambiance candles for the pilothouse dinners. Wonder who gave the children her wish list!

[I must not forget to mention the water maker we had put in last month as an early Christmas pressie to ourselves!]

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Isotoner slippers with gel inserts.

New cleaning lady. Not what you think, she's paid by the hour. I don't like to do the wood work care. She is meticulous and doesn't mind it.


I'm tired of fast moves, I've got a slow groove, on my mind.....
I want to spend some time, Not come and go in a heated rush.....
"Slow Hand" by The Pointer Sisters
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Tom got an inflatable SUP and I got boat tee shirts! Plus we are getting a lot of fiberglass work done!!!

(My dad did the artwork cartoon which lives on our transom door)
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City: Kitimat, North Coast BC
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Fujinon 100-400mm water resistant zoom lens and 1.4 teleconverter for my Fujifilm X-T2 camera...will come in handy for photographing from the boat
"The most interesting path between two points is not a straight line" Murray Minchin
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So What Boat Stuff Did You Get For Christmas?

Nothing nautical for me.
I think my favourite present was a water well. My son bought a water well for a family in Bangladesh and put it in my name.
Makes me very proud of him, and optimistic about future generations.
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I got a Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner. I wanted a isolation transformer but apparently it was too heavy for santa’s sleigh.
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New dock lines and a new mattress.
Did Noah have a get home-engine?
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Vessel Model: Defever 44
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I got a Fleetguard “mud” filter, gauge and Reverso vane pump to upgrade our polishing system. Also some new secondary filters to try on the Lehmans, some aluminum pencil anodes and a Shurhold mop attachment. Had to send Santa the URLs so there were no surprises.
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Our kids got us a set of Magma stainless steel nesting cookware. It's much nicer than expected. We augmented it with a non-stick nesting saute pan and a nesting colander. Stuff looks like it will last more than a lifetime; very impressed.
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City: Pensacola
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A nice set of stainless low ball tumblers! Perfect for my afternoon whiskey.
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So What Boat Stuff Did You Get For Christmas?

A Marine Elegance Seafresh (raw or freshwater flush). Thanks Santa! Made our week long vacation to Bald Head Island very pleasant.
Also got a Magma kettle grill. Had a nice steak dinner on Christmas Eve.
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City: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Country: U.S.A.
Vessel Name: Old School
Vessel Model: 38' Trawler custom built by Hike Metal Products
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An electric pressure washer that i can leave at the slip. No more lugging the gas one back and forth from home.
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In addition to a fifth of "micro distillery" vodka, I gave my son a 24" length of Schaefer Sliding Sheet Block Track to replace one damaged in Hurricane Harvey. He hefted it and said to the family gathering, "this is aluminum, but it probably cost as much as if it were extruded silver".
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Country: US of A
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Vessel Model: RAWSON 41
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A well-insulated Stainless steel French coffee press to replace the old plastic one on the boat.

...also a very nice Breville espresso machine for home.
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City: Everett, Washington
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Vessel Name: Sea Venture
Vessel Model: 54' Cheoy Lee LRT
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Solo-Mark NV400-B Night Vision Binoculars, with built in zoom, camera, and video recording.

Happy Cruising
Jim and Rosy
M/V Sea Venture
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Originally Posted by AusCan View Post
Nothing nautical for me.
I think my favourite present was a water well. My son bought a water well for a family in Bangladesh and put it in my name.
Makes me very proud of him, and optimistic about future generations.
Wifey B: That's beautiful and speaks well of you and your son. That's why I am infuriated when I hear someone blasting "young people" or "millennials" or any other young age group. I spent Christmas with over 100 of the finest ones I can imagine who, in spite of being orphans themselves, are always thinking of others and of the future.

Then we came home to so many we love so dearly. The first thing we saw was what they'd done decoration wise to our home. Let's just say that hubby gave them an unlimited budget and they likely exceeded it. But then we talked about all they'd done while we were away. Served at soup kitchens, been to homeless shelter, become aware of a family in need and helped them, spent the night in the hospital comforting a victim of abuse and arranging a safe place for her to go and care for her. These were all young girls in their 20's doing these things. They're not our kids but we sure wish we could claim them all and we love them as if they were.

Today is our Christmas Day in Florida. Huge group, but it's not about presents. Oh the girls bought small gifts for each other and exchanged and went in together for one gift for us, as we discourage gifts for us. The only one who got lots of gifts and truly spoiled is my niece, Aurora, and I'll always spoil her. I know a four year old doesn't need designer clothes but neither does her aunt. Oh but this is the same girl who spent Christmas Day with us at the orphanage and who wanted to make sure her "cousin" here got good gifts, a cousin only by declaration of the two but one she'll let wear or use anything she owns. We did privately give special gifts to some of the others. We bought a couple of small things for each other and one large gift together, something for our home.

The greatest gift by far though was having the extended family together. This is from the two of us who have no contact with anyone from our birth families. And on top of that gift was knowing the wonderful things these young girls and older adults too did over the holidays. Just them all understanding that Christmas at our home comes the weekend after because we must always spend Christmas at the orphanage.

I love the gift giving of your son to you. I think so many of today's young people understand the spirit of the holiday so much better than our generations. I'm so happy they let me join in their fun and feel like I'm still 21 and one of them. They're sure thinking far more of others than I did at their age. AusCan's post made me feel the real spirit of the holiday.
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City: Hughesville, MD
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The family - my wife, 3 grown kids, and their spouses - pitched in to help me buy the new Iris outdoor wireless rechargeable cameras to add to my Iris boat monitoring system. I got them installed today and am impressed by their simple setup, capability, configurability, and clear picture through the Iris app. I'm still experimenting with locations and settings, and I have no idea how long the batteries will last, so I can't give a qualified review, but so far so good. One initial concern is the ease with which the camera can be removed from its magnetic base, but there are ways to prevent them being stolen or damaged should they fall off while underway.
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I am getting my Westerbeke 15KW generator rebuilt. The old one has been dying a slow death.
Mike and Tina
Beachcomber 1995 Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge
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EarTech head sets for docking and anchoring communication. Marriage has survived 48 years of which last 37 have been boating without these, but they will eliminate much shouting and make things a lot easier. I got my wife a gold chain and a "fouled anchor" pendant.
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This may sound strange to many however my wife and I do not normally give gifts for occasions such as holidays, birthdays etc. We do give to kids, grandchildren and others we love and care about.


We long ago decided that everyday of our life together is a special occasion. We celebrate by giving each other gifts when the mood strikes and it's always a total surprise. We relieve the pressure of shopping for gifts with a deadline.

My last gift to my wife was jewelry she admired while waking through a mall. She didn't expect it. I simply said if you like it "it's yours." Her last gift to me was a wireless remote for our Garmin autopilot and a few new shirts and socks which appeared when she returned from grocery shopping. I rarely shop for clothes as I have no fashion sense and I hate clothes shopping.

This may see odd to most but it works for us. Happy New Year to all.

Magic, 1996 Grand Banks Europa
Westport, CT and Stuart, FL
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