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Originally Posted by Fletcher500 View Post

I don't have any interest in the company, besides using it, but for any divers out there, this is the product I am using.

Electrical field that sharks find very uncomfortable due to the receptors in their snouts which they use very effectively for locating prey.

The battery is quite powerful and takes several hours to recharge it. It will zap you good if you lift it out of the water and it touches skin.

I realize there are no guarantees in life, but based on the studies I have read it appears to be effective. There are also people out there who disagree with the findings.
Around here (Cocoa Beach, FL) many of the surfers put a 9v battery in their shorts so when they are in the water, it generates an electrical field around them that pisses off the sharks and they tend to leave quickly.
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Ya long as you weren't planning on spawning 8-)
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Originally Posted by Lady soft View Post
Allways, funny to read, that more people die from car accidents etc, than from shark bites. I drive every day, and still alive......
That's the point. When people say the odds are greater of being killed in a car accident than by a shark attack, they are pointing out that most people are willing to assume the minescule risk of dying in a they should also be willing to assume the very improbable risk of being attacked by a shark. Its a way to put the risk in perspective that people can relate to and understand on a more basic level, and not succumb to galeophobia.
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Yup, Megladon tooth, we find a lot of them in Fernandina beach. They can be quite valuable.
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Originally Posted by knotheadcharters View Post
Yup, Megladon tooth, we find a lot of them in Fernandina beach. They can be quite valuable.
You find them up on the beach? Or when snorkeling a bit offshore?

In Venice, at least, finding them on the beach is EXTRAORDINARILY rare. It is people snorkeling in 15 feet of water or more who find them most commonly.
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