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Originally Posted by JohnEasley View Post
Well, buggers.

We trailered our dinghy over to the Seminole Boat Ramp in Clearwater, FL yesterday to go out for a little spin. Unfortunately, the ramp was extremely slimy. I slipped on the ramp, sliding further down into the water, scraped my shoulder, left a two inch cut on the bottom of my right foot, and wrenched my right knee. Overnight, it was badly swollen and stiff. And I needed to get a new phone, too. It was in my pocket when I went down into the water and now it is dead.

Just came back from the ER. Woke up about 2:00 am and knew the knee thing wasnít a simple twist. X-Rays showed a fracture on the tibial plateau. However, the CT scan said otherwise. Doctor feels it is a torn ACL and referred me to an Ortho. Will call tomorrow to set up the appointment. Gave me a tetanus shot and two antibiotics for the cut on my foot and a leg brace and crutches for the knee issue. The Ortho will probably want an MRI. Itíll be interesting to see if there are any ligament tears.

And replaced my trusty-but-waterlogged iPhone 6 with a the new iPhone Xs.


Be careful on those ramps out there!
I'm an old time seaplane pilot. I can attest to how slippery ramps can be! It's really difficult to command respect and demonstrate professionalism in the cockpit when you're covered in green slime and dripping wet! Get better! Take care! We all feel for you!

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Well that sure put a damper on you cruise, sorry to hear it. Slimy boat ramps are slicker than snot!
Godspeed on a full recovery...

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...and now for the rest of the story...

Met with the ortho yesterday to review the knee MRI results. No meniscus tear! There is a stress fracture at the top of the tibia and stretched ligaments bilaterally and on the back of the knee. It'll ache for a few months but will eventually heal without surgery. Not my first stress fracture so I kind of have an idea what to expect for recovery.

Still, I was kind of surprised to find out about the two other previous, long-ago-healed fractures in my tibias.

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