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Similar to Nordic Tug 37?

I'd like to ask the group for some suggestions.

I need a bigger boat. Great situation! Tragically, my budget is limited - 150k is my upper limit.

I'd like to buy a Nordic Tug 37, but I doubt I'll be able to find one in my price range. So I'm wondering if you excellent folks might be able to suggest some similar vessels!

Here's what I specifically like about the NT37 that I'd like to find in another boat:

* Two private cabins
* Big open salon - I like the way the salon and galley are combined on the NT37, but I don't need them to be
* Long range on a tank of gas - the NT37 looks like it could go 1000 miles at ~8 knots on a tank of gas
* Ability to speed up into the mid teens as needed

Does something like this exist in my price range?

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I love my NT37 (I'm on it now, anchored in Andrews Bay)! Older boats like mine can be had in the low 200s...

Other "trawler style" boats you might consider are the Eagle 40 (slow), Lord Nelson Victory Tug 37 (slow, single cabin only, I think) and 41 (slow), and the Mainship 35/39 (closest match, maybe?). These each have different tradeoffs, but perhaps one of them will fit the bill for you. I'm sure others will chime in with additional options.

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The Lord Nelson Victory Tug 37 is a great alternative if you can go slow. It will cruise nicely at 7 knots burning a couple of gph. It has a huge main salon which is why it only has a single large berth forward. But the L shaped couch in the main salon makes into a nice bed for occasional guests.

They go for the low to mid $100s.

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GB 36 but it won't do "teens" on speed.

North Western Washington State USA
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Hello Liveabordsearch!

Did you check with Nordic Tug for sale list!

And NENTOA Northeast Nordic Tug Owners' Association and

Wilde Yacht Sales : Broker of the finest new and used yachts, located at Essex Harbor in Connecticut

37' Nordic Tugs 2002 $279K

Good luck with your search!

Kind regards, Normand
J. R. Normand Vallée, Master
email: realmountie at gmail dot com
SKYPE: realmountie
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TF Site Team
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A Navigator 39 should fit the bill. Not really sure about 1000NM at 8 Kts.

2005 Californian / Navigator 3900 Power Boat For Sale -
My boat is my ark. It's my mobile treehouse and my floating fishing cabin. It's my retreat and my respite. Everyday I thank God I have a boat! -Al

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do not give up sooner than you even try to get buy for your budget!!!

trust that someone has the desire / pressing need to get the boat quickly sold, good boat, good price.

I love my tug and she low fuel consuptions and good seakeaping

6,2 kn 2288 nautical mails 10% margin remain against
7,4 kn 1642 same
8,1 kn 1030 same

Negotiate, do not give up! All the best for hunting NT
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Thanks for the pointers, everyone!

I've also run across the Roughwater 40(?) as a potential candidate.

Your ideas are very much appreciated - thanks!
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I like the Roughwaters but lots of them were powered by Detroit 8.2's. Not a good power choice.
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The Pacific Trawler 37 & 40 have half of what you are looking for. We are planning on selling our Pacific Trawler 37 and have prepared a website where I actually compare the Pacific Trawler 37 and the Nordic Tug 37. They are different in many ways yet similar in others. Most are on the Westcoast so that will not help you much but check out our site and you can add to your trawler knowledge inventory. Good luck.
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Although rare, there were some Victory Tug 37's built with two staterooms up forward. Fairly cramped, but they do exist.

Berthed in
Campbell River BC
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