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Yup......I often thought if one dos'nt want or need top go econo either Cat or Cummins has lots of great engines now too. Big turbo six'es would probably be best. Would be fun to have 400 or more hp on tap but that would prolly make V8s mandatory and that would be a cramped engine compartment. Lots more choices now anyway now.
I'm still having good luck w the ArmorAll on the prop. Good news about the BB. If the ArmorAll fails in Puget Sound i'll have a plan B.
I may haul annually at LaConnor.
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Carey has about 420 hp in his lobsterboat and it drives him (when he wants to) at some 15-16 knots. The engine is a Cat six-cylinder turbo diesel (don't know the model). So you can get a lot of power without having to go to a V-8. Any more than what Carey has and I suspect you DO need to go to a V-8. But there are some pretty hefty sixes out there. Lugger is also an engine brand worth looking into. They use Deere and German and Japanese base engines for their marinizations. I believe Lugger is the engine used by Nordhavn unless a customer specifies otherwise.
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No problem getting a Cummins 6 cylinder QSM 11 above an easy 600 HP (or higher). Cats C18 six can easily go to 850 HP (or higher). Nordhavns have used MTUs, Luggers, JDs and a few Cummins.
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Originally Posted by KismetLRC View Post
And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Don't mind the scum line, that got fixed the next day - along with that nasty little list to starboard!

Hitch a few mules up to her stern, start and put the engines in gear and drag her backwards and you get the back forty ready for spring planting.
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Originally Posted by magicbus View Post
It comes in a spray can and I got it wrong - it's called Barnacle Barrier. It's $23 a can at Jamestown Distributers (click here). I use a can and a half but I have the wing engine and I do all my scoops with it. I get the the Petit thinner to wipe the metal down before application then do two thin coats.

I've used the same stuff for a couple years. It's (relatively) inexpensive and works very well. Not 100% perfect, but very well. After the 1st year I had 3 barnacles on the coated areas. The second year had a good bit more but I rarely used the boat that year and it was stinkin' hot and sunny all summer. That may have contributed to the additional growth.
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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
All I'm say'in is that your rudder is of average size and I'm sure it works quite well. Not inadequate just not excessively large as I thought you implied.
If you will refrain from comment about size, I'll show you mine. I turned the rudder to avoid your envy.
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Carey Worthen
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What's on that gray prop???

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That's the Banacle Barrier we've been talking about. Carey has his boat serviced in the same yard we do. As it was explained to me by the yard manager, it's basically zinc in a spray can.
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