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Rust paint for below water

My underwater rudder and shaft supports are showing some rust so I want to repaint them with anti rust paint.
I can find POR 15 for a good price at my local Canadian Tire dealer but have no clue if this would do the job.
Any experience with it?

Thank you.


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Mr. L_t. Call POR.

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Look into the Pettit line. They manufacture many types of marine applications. I have used a couple and like the products.
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Por 15 SILVER paint has metal fillers that no other POR 15 colors have.
I would use it.
A marine repair facility recommended to me POR 15 SILVER for painting SS trim tabs to also fill in corrosion holes in the metal.
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I have heard good things about POR, 'though I have not used it myself.
I have been maintaining a steel hull for thirty years, and I just use any surface tolerant two part epoxy formulation. All the big names make one - currently using BarRust 235 by Amerron/Devoe, now just called Devoe 235.
Best practice is to sand blast the area, then apply 3 or 4 coats of epoxy, followed by antifouling of your choice. In cases where sandblasting is impractical, I just hit the area with a coarse grinding wheel and apply the epoxy.
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POR 15 is very popular with the car restoration crowd. I have used it before and it works well. A little goes a long way. The only problem I have had is getting the lid off the can after you have used it and the can sat around a few months. I actually destroyed the lid getting it off . Very tough stuff.
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Sand blasting, then 5-7 layers of epoxy is usually good for 10 years in sea water. There are no modern substitutes.

"Lead red", a suspension of lead tetroxide in linseed oil, is much easier to deal with since it doesn't require the same standard of surface cleaning. Sadly, it's as illegal as it is effective. Minium also works wonderfully as a pigment in the first layer of epoxy, and can be had if you know where to look, but it's not for the legal minded or environmentally conscious

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